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  1. Can I get an example of what the temps you had before and after are?
  2. You could always make shortcuts to different clock rates. I use - -forcepstate:0,5 -setGpuClock:0,1,1000 -setMemoryClock:0,1,2000 That way you could create your own idle clocks. I don't really trust NVIDIA's options, since it's default core clock for me is 405.
  3. I'm running a 650m 2GB Core 1000Mhz Memery 2000Mhz I7 3630QM Turbo Forced at 3.2Ghz Settings Resolution - 1600 x 900 Resolution Scale - 100% Texture Quality - Ultra Texture Filtering - Ultra Lighting Quality - Ultra Effects Quality - Low Post Processing Quality - Low Mesh Quality- Medium Terrain Quality- High Terrain Decoration - Low AA defered - Off AA post - Off AO - Off Using B4SE I turned off DX11 and set shadowmap to 1024. Tripple Buffering Disabled. FPS maxed at 62. I never drop below 40. Anyone else getting anything better or worse? BTW If you're stuttering DON'T FORGET TO UNPARK YOUR CORES.
  4. You could always force the power state to a P5 state, and then it would be at a constant clock rate of whatever you would want to set it at. This is all through NVIDIA Inspector. I use the command line to for P5 - -forcepstate:0,5 Put that at the end of a shortcut to it and it will always stay at a P5 power state, where you can set your clock rate to whatever you want.
  5. I do clean it out often, and when I did it brought the temps down by about 10C, but it still peaks at 95C. And I do keep it propped up, that was one of the first things I did, since the ventilation on the M14xR2 is terrible. Thing is, I need the turbo boost on things like Battlefield 4 to get at least 40 frames while keeping the game from looking like I'm playing on a 360. I DID need the turbo on Planetside 2, but now with optimizations, I don't need it, but it's nice to a constant 60FPS instead of 30-40.
  6. Alienware M14x R2 650m 2GB Core 1000Mhz Memery 2000Mhz I7 3630QM Turbo Forced at 3.2Ghz My GPU stays at temps around 70C, while my CPU spikes at 95C, sometimes 100. I'm REALLY afraid to repaste, since I wouldn't be able to replace the computer if something went wrong. Anyone have any tips for temps? If repasting is the best option, would someone be so kind to link a VERY detailed tutorial?
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