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  1. It is reversible, I have updated back to 3.05. My laptop had a hardware defect. I sent in my laptop with a modified BIOS and they had no issues with it.
  2. I believe that the Secure Boot option is only available when in UEFI mode
  3. Although I doubt it is the problem, you did check to see if the power cord is functional, correct?
  4. My y510p came with a 24gb ssd. Is it possible to replace this with a higher capacity drive, or is this a special lenovo chip that cannot be replaced?
  5. I have 16gb in my laptop. I have never used more than 8gb.
  6. I have had issues with installing linux because I have SLI, do you have SLI?
  7. I have found that my games will stutter if my laptop is unplugged.
  8. I believe that if you can get the synaptics driver installed, it should work.
  9. LENOVO (0C22230) Product Page -- NextWarehouse.com
  10. I believe that you cannot. I remember looking at one point.
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