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  1. Aisthetikos

    Lenovo y510p 750m SLI 8GB or 16GB?

    I noticed that the 750 SLI y510p laptop on Lenovo now includes 16GB of RAM. The model I purchased off of the outlet only included 8GB of RAM. So, the age old question; Will I benefit graphics wise by going to 16GB from 8GB? I have read that increasing the RAM will allow a video card to use more system memory, capping at 4GB. My impression is that a single card would not benefit from the increase. But what about the SLI configuration? Thank you!
  2. Aisthetikos

    Any tips on keeping the Y500 cool?

    Did this work out for you? I'm getting the u3, and am looking to keep my y510 acap! )
  3. Aisthetikos

    Lenovo Y510p wireless card

    Thank you for the reply! I am awaiting my 510 order. Went ahead and got the 7260 just to be ready!

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