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  1. 770M =) there's no 770MX, it's a typo !
  2. Best options for 16F2: NVIDIA 770M and AMD 7970M (only those new gen cards work in that barebone)
  3. Sounds like throttles issues due to the lack of power from the power adapter - typical issues we've been running into. Getting a 240W PSU and Throttlestop 5.0 running ON in the background will sort your issues. You can gell the 240w dell adapter cheaper there: Original Dell Netzteil PA 9E 240W MIT Netzkabel PA9E 19 5V 12 3A | eBay and if you don't want to cut the power tip, just get a tip converter such as: DC Power Connector FOR Dell 240W Adapter TO P150HM P150EM P150SM MSI GT60 GT70 | eBay Then you're set.
  4. If you have the GT60/70 Ivy bridge generation, then a more powerful power supply will always help, especially if you want to overclock/overvolt your GPU. Only Haswell MSI generation are hit by the 180W power lock down due to the NOS feature.
  5. My 2 cents: I have bricked few cards flashing from 022 to 017 vbios, so I wouldn't advise you to do so.
  6. The 570M, 670M, 580M and 675M MSI share the same heatsink, you can use that one for the 770M, that's no problem. You will just need to re-arrange the thermal pads position to cover all the components from the 770M. Preferably get a Clevo card, we know for sure they work OK Then you will just need to mod the driver, and you're done!
  7. That must give some high hopes to flingins ! Well done tucksha.
  8. Indeed svl7 rarely disappoints!
  9. Crazy mod I have to admit, well done!
  10. Yeah I confirm the GT60-0ne/0ND can be upgraded to the 780M using the 680M/670/675MX heatsink ! You don't really need the new heatsink design imho. Some info can be found here: [REVIEW] MSI GT60 w/ GTX 780M 4GB GDDR5
  11. pau1ow

    Msi- 1762-gtx 780m

    That's a good point - my GT60 got the W8 BIOS 50X but set to Legacy to get W7 installed ! I do not advise you to flash a GT60 BIOS into your GT70 mobo though
  12. pau1ow

    Msi- 1762-gtx 780m

    Thanks for the feedback katant, shame it does not work (and odd because it does OK on 16F3)
  13. pau1ow

    Msi- 1762-gtx 780m

    Hi fatant The 780M I got is a Clevo gpu - but we all know Clevo/MSI GPUs were pretty similar since the 680M, and vbios interchangeable. To make it work fully in the GT60, I flashed it with the MSI vbios (this enabled the Turbo Boost 2.0 and allowed O/Cing) - it worked fine with the Clevo vbios, however I did not have any TB or OC options. Regarding the MSI vbios I am using, please drop a message to Prema - he is the only one that can sort you out - and hopefully make it work in your system - version is: - apparently later version than yours. Good luck!
  14. pau1ow

    Msi- 1762-gtx 780m

    It's baffling I know - like the 680M works fine in the 16F1 but does not work in the 16F2
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