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  1. Hey guys , I have a question .i have a alienware 13 R2 ( the one that get shipped with I7 5500U ) Now the original system gets shipped with 130W adapter . Before i owned a alienware M17x R4 with a 240W adapter . Which im now using on my Alienware 13 . On stock config the system pulled a 125W. When i overclocked my GTX960M to the max + 135mhz & memory +675mhz ( which is stable ) the psu pulls a max of 140W and my system starts to hold back . Now with the 240W that problem is totally gone . So the question is there some one who can unlock the Vbios on this GTX960M for a high core clock ? Regards , Jean Paul
  2. Hey Svl7 , I wanted to PM you since i downloaded the unlocked Vbios for the 880m but it doenst match my bios ID vendor on my gtx 880m could you send me a pm with a email adress where i could send my stock bios tho ? already thanks !
  3. No question i just wanted to post my overclock results on the GTX770M where i finally have been screwing around with in the first i wasnt really feeling that i it was needed but now i got some nice results out of it since i upgraded to a 240watt psu. I got on stock voltage : + 250 mhz on core clock + 625 mhz on the memory for a total 1113 core clock with boost & 5300 mhz on the memory @ 130GB bandwidth so afther some testing with for example BF4 i can now run it ultra with out A.A @ 65 fps with a drop to 50 . when i turn A.A 2x on & HBOA i get solid 50 fps with drops to 35 . Anyone els having a GTX770M ? Or im i lucky with the chip ? Regards , LaBoNaToR
  4. Is the Nvidia gtx770m OC bios whats attatched in the beginning also for the Dell alienware 17 gtx 770m ? Bios version :
  5. Sorry for the super late respone ! but i started my own buisness so i had it kinda busy . Now i also do not own the GT70 anymore since i jumped to a brand new Alienware 17. but i still know what my temps where , overclocked under load they hitted 80c.
  6. Nah you're heatsink hasnt gone bad mate. Its a extreme processor , with a high TDP , ive flashed yester the Vert.17 EC firmwire on my GT70 ONE and now my thorrtle issue is gone so my 3920xm goes full out and my temps are 94 celcius afther 30 min in Battlefield 4 with AS5.
  7. I have the GT70 Variant of you're GT60 . Only i have a 3920xm , my cpu stays stock @ 70 / 75 while gaming . My gpu (680m ) runns stock a 80 degrees and OC 85/ 88 degrees !
  8. so ive installed my new 3920XM and my 230Watt dell psu . Everything works great. But ive had the problem that when i applied my OC from my gpu that my cpu would declock it self tough lower clock speed. Now with the new PSU and throttle stop i dissable BD PROCHOT ( if i spel it correctly ) and now my cpu stays @ 2893 mhz with turbo boost , even when i set it to turbo multi but my gpu usages stays stable @ 99 % now . But how come my cpu doesnt boost to 3.4 ghz like it should ? even when it has a larger psu . temps are fine there @ 70/72 i have flashed the latest EC firmwire from MSI on my GT70 ONE , ive checked that all the battery settings and power settings are @ 100% ect . Still doenst change anything , i dont have a unlocked bios . Anyone a idea ? Regards , Jean Paul
  9. Ok , so i had a hour today time and i got into the PSU . I screwed open the original psu and compared them how to wireing was with the Dell 230W psu . the both had : Msi GT70 0NE Original PSU -Ground Collor : Black - Vo Collor : White. Dell 230Watt psu -Ground Collor : Black - Vo Collor : White. - Remaining red wire ( you guys told me before it was a green or a blue one , but it was red ) So didnt solderd them of the PCB but just cut them in the mid lengte inside the psu and solderd the orginal cable tough it. fingers crossed and powerd it on ! YEAH BUDDY worked like a charm ! So then the Overclock where it all was done for . And it worked in combonation with Throttle stop . got at the OC 99% Gpu load. And went from everything @ ultra ( except A.A ) from 45 fps stock to 60 fps overclock ! I want to thank you for the fast respons ! Regards , Jean Pauul
  10. Does anyone has a link or can tell me how to cut the wire ? I have sleeved and made enough of my own cables on my desktop , so i have to tools to do it , im just not into laptop psu's If some one can give me a link or make me a picutre or something i would appreciate it . I have order a DEll 230 watt psu and recieving it tomorrow ! Regards , Jean paul
  11. Ah nice ! , cheers for the fast repley. The PSU that you linked is the same as in the dutch webstore ( i have there 2 coupons i can use so i get it for 40 euro ) If i do cut the wire ? how to do it ? do i need to go into the PSU it self or can i just cut the cable , strip it and resolder it with the right jack ?
  12. So i just recieved my i7 3920XM installed it and everything is fine . But there is a but (always) When i now play games with my overclocked gtx 680m @ 980core +450 on memory i see my gpu usage going down to 70% Before with the 3630QM i didnt had this problem , so i guess as example in Battlefield 4 everything on ultra on stock gpu i se my usage 99% and cpu in high 70's ( %) But when i apply my overclock settings on the GPU its goes back to 70%. Ive checked the temps there on 85c for the gpu and 66 /70 on the cpu . Once again everything stock everything boostes up to 100% usage ( gpu ) Its not thorrtle because ive flashed the MSI EC frimwire that disables that. So im in guessing that i need a bit more watts , i have now 180watt with these specs : 19.5 V and 9.2 A Ive looked around and i found this one on a local webstore in the Netherlands its a dell 230 / 240 watt psu . Laptop adapters - in de Conrad Online Shop voordelig kopen Thats a fat 70watt upgrade, now i was wondering do i need to do anything ? ive readed some where you need to cut a wire ? or can i just plug it in as it is ? Does the connector fit ? Any thoughts please ? Regards , Jean Paul
  13. did you try this ? Case 2: In case of a BAD flash, a blind-flash will be required. 1. Remove any files from your USB that aren't the necessary bootable DOS files. 2. Pick a ROM you want to flash (doesn't have to be the original), but it MUST be one for your notebook specifically. 3. Rename the file.ROM to AMIBOOT.ROM and put it on your flash drive. 4. Plug in your flash drive in a USB 2.0 slot. 5. As soon as your notebook turns on and nothing is displayed, spam Ctrl + Home (In my case, the MS-16F2 is Ctrl + Fn + PgUp or Ctrl + Shift + NumPad 7). 6. You should hear four (4) beeps and the BIOS should begin flashing itself if those controls dont work , i dont know what control you should use then ? Perhaps make a thread on MSI forum it self a admin will help you there . Altough i recommend you not ever flashing INSIDE windows it self always do it trough DOS it self.
  14. you can just rename it to .ROM but there is possibility that i doenst work ! , the listed bios file that you posted above this post was it UEFI ? also did you flashed the bios in UEFI ? since it was a ROM file ? or the otherway because that explains you had a bad flash .
  15. Gave you a reply on you're thread !
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