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  1. AcidPanda

    y510p recovery media torrent

    Here's a new MEGA link since I had to recover my MEGA account. It should have 4 ISOs that need to be burned onto a dual layer DVD as far as I understand. https://mega.nz/#F!Nc1nVbDC!pTZubnxsJuNR8zDUItUJ4g
  2. AcidPanda

    y510p recovery media torrent

    Mega link is up. https://mega.nz/#F!lolWBKxI!PvB5kHMZRAw7aJUeXeIVYw
  3. AcidPanda

    y510p recovery media torrent

    I have a copy of the factory image on one of my external hard drives. I'll upload to Mega in a couple of days during my free time on campus.
  4. AcidPanda

    Y500/Y510P spring mod with spacer guide

    Could anyone confirm that this is the right spacer size? S 50pcs M3 3mm Metal Plain Washer 3 X 8 X 0 5mm FOR M3 Screw E | eBay
  5. AcidPanda

    Lenovo y510p ultrabay HDD caddy

    Yeah... my problem lies with aftermarket caddy's not properly fitting into the ultrabay slot. My last one has a 1mm gap which causes the faceplate to disconnect slightly from the caddy.
  6. Hey there! I'm new to this forum and I'm having issues posting. I keep getting this error: Warning: mktime() [function.mktime]: You should be using the time() function instead in ..../includes/functions_newpost.php(562) : eval()'d code on line 58
  7. AcidPanda

    Updating Intel's Graphic Driver

    I can't seem to update the Intel driver using Intel's download center. Is the driver custom made by Lenovo or something?
  8. AcidPanda

    Where can we buy the ultrabay of Y410p?

    I'm sad to announce that Lenovo hasn't kept it's promise with ultrabay accessories. There is an official HDD caddy, but that's overpriced so it's best to get an aftermarket one.
  9. AcidPanda

    CD Drive Not Ejecting.

    Don't CD drives still have a little pin hole to manually eject?
  10. AcidPanda

    Y500 Bluetooth

    I'm currently using a generic bluetooth adapter with the Microsoft drivers disabled. I can't deal with having my Bluetooth and Wi-Fi disappear in a lecture.
  11. AcidPanda

    Battlefield 4 discussion

    Any suggestion on a setup for keyboard and mouse airplane flying? Things like mouse dpi and keyboard bindings to get a general sense of what works well. My current setup feels very out of control for minute movements but useful for turning.
  12. A CyberPower Zeus Hercules (read:MSI GS70 2OD) because of the form factor. I need something easy to carry but good enough to play demanding games or do video editing / creation.
  13. AcidPanda

    Lenovo y510p ultrabay HDD caddy

    If the caddy is the same size for the y510p, wouldn't it fit?
  14. AcidPanda

    Laptop Cooling Pad

    I wouldn't recommend vacuuming since that could create static and fry you laptop.
  15. AcidPanda

    Lenovo y510p ultrabay HDD caddy

    This seems to be the only good HDD caddy. I ordered a random one off Ebay, however it has a millimeter gap which can cause it to detach from the HDD caddy. This is probably only for me since my friend installed the one in the link and it's so far so good.

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