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  1. does anyone know if I can downgrade from 3.08 to 3.05 with the stock Lenovo tool (74cn44ww.exe)?
  2. attached is the torrent file to the y510p recovery ISO images from lenovo. It was painful to obtain those so I'm saving you the hustle. just download the file and rename the file (just delete the .txt extension) y510p recovery media.torrent.txt
  3. as posted before, you can partially solve the issue by rolling back to the default MS driver uninstalling the Intel one. This worked fine for me since i wasn't too happy about flashing my bios. The funny thing is you cant roll that far back after you upgrade your 8 to 8.1. the default driver is the 16.X.X.X driver which is suffering from the same issue. I haven't found a way to install the since I can't find it anywhere.
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