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  1. Yeah MW I tried those refresh rates but they didn't work. You may be on to something with the close the lid idea. Some have said I need to disable the internal LCD. I am going to try both when I get another cable. I took the adapter back and now I'm going to get a mini to standard cable in one to eliminate the adapter as the fault. PS. Your right it isn't my intent but hay at this stage I'll be happy with the one display working as long as it's the ROG Swift that is.hehehhe Thanks for the reply.
  2. @ Prema and any other People who may be interested here is another update to the Asus ROG Swift 1440p display not working with my SLI 780m P370SM3. The display port and adapter (Mini DP to Standard DP) and Cable all work well at 1680x1050@60Hz on my dell LCD. The ROG Swift Display is detected as stated above and I know the mobile 780M's do not support Gsync But I see some threads that state that it works with an Alienware M18 I can;t even get an image to the ROG Swift in any format. The Swift works as I have tested it on another Desktop I have here. I tried 1920x10180@ 60Hz 85Hz etc.. But No go on the ROG Swift. Strange think is I get the option of only 23 or 24Hz refresh rate in the monitor options with the Swift. When I bought the P370SM3 it stated in the Advert that it supports the DP1.2 Standard but I fear it does not as if it did the Swift would work. I thought of trying the Alienware video drivers Should I?
  3. Well just for posterity I add that I now own an Asus ROG Swift 1440p Display. Still can not get it to run from my P370SM3. Any one help. The display is detected but no matter how I configure it I always end up at a blank screen and both the ROG and the Laptop display. Nvidia drivers detect a Gsync monitor and take over like they no every thing. I suspect whats happening is that it's trying to force the ROG to primary and Gsync on? I don't now. Ah well back to the drawing board.
  4. Does or will the P370SM3 support GTX 980 SLI without inf mod?
  5. Hi all, I'm wanting to get my self a nice 1440p display. It's looking like the Asus Swift at the moment but how knows what displays are about to hit coming into Christmas. Now What I'm after is some\any\all Information I can get on experiences from people driving a 1440p or higher resolution display from the DP port of a P370SM3 or Clevo of around the same setup. Any of you guys run a 1440p display from the DP port of a P370SM3 Let me know what your advice is relating to pitfalls to avoid etc?
  6. Hay all, Just noticed the P370SM3 V2 mod and am DLing now. Oh and will one of these days donate for the efforts, Talents and skillz of the modders that have fixed manufacturer bugs in every submission. If I haven't donated something soon hassle me through my email:)
  7. I was wondering if the P370SM-A_32_33 Modded Bios works with my P370SM3A? The underside sticker says : P370SM3A and its V3.2
  8. Done and while windows boots the keyboard back lights are on but when the stock hot key app starts the keyboard lights go out. I can not get them to come back on using the hot key app. if I uninstall the hot key app and your light fx app the key board lights stay on?
  9. Seems no matter what I do my key board LED lights only work now when I have no app installed. Ever since I installed your light FX Shite and subsequently uninstalled it because it did nothing, Hotkey app installed means no LED key board lights. Uninstall hot key app and presto LED back lit key board lights. WTF?
  10. @Prema I Installed your modded bios on my p370sm3 and it crashes all the time. Seems to crash when the temps get too high and the fans don't kick in high. just a heads up. Now sadly back to the stock bios firmware:( Looking forward to when there is a stable modded bios up for the P370SM3.
  11. Hi, @ savvas, I'm going to try and get your app working on my rig and i will let you know what's going on at my end. P370SM3 with Win7 x64. - - - Updated - - - After installing the 7.0026 Hot key app the keyboard lights turn off and They will not turn back on again using the Hot key app or keyboard shortcuts. I'll install your light FX app now Version and see if it will work. - - - Updated - - - First thing is says is Your theme has encountered an error using default check your theme. This is what the app looks like when I have selected Effects=Temperature: But I still have no lights on the keyboard? Not sure why as I know the lights work. Going to install that shared library just to see if it makes a difference though as I understand it the library is for game profiles no? Oh. Looks like the library is in the installer already so no go there. I've tried most if not all of the options in the light FX app to no avail. Still no lights for my keyboard. I look forward to your next release.
  12. Hay there, Just an update on my hot key problem. I installed and uninstalled the last Hot key app for win7 (7.0026) and now with no Hot key app installed and after a few reboots the LED keyboard lights are on even in windows. Just blue but that's OK. The 7.0026 version does show up but the LED keyboard settings page does absolutely nothing. I know because of the Prema modded bios. What is strange is if I install the 8.x version for win8 I can see it and all the options buttons when I hover my mouse over it in the task bar window preview but clicking on the app to bring it to foreground and in focus does nothing. Strange how the preview shows all the buttons and the app window but the app window will not show. Maybe it has to do with the direct link libraries used for the different versions of the app?
  13. Oh I have the 7.0026 installed and installed that one off of the disc I got with the system, Still no lights. I will DL that link and try it. @ Prema I installed the linked drivers but I still have no keyboard lights and the app window will not display, Although it will display in the preview when the mouse is hovered over the icon on the active applications or task bar. Same problem as with any drivers after hotkey 7.0026, the app is running and the drivers are mostly working but no Keyboard lights:( My guess is The difference between Win7 dll's and Win8 dll's.
  14. The only thing the 800 series have so far are an 8 GiG memory buffer and this will only be beneficial to those that are using three 1080p or 1440p or 2140p displays. Hay Bud Have you got a metabox P370SM3 system or is it an NP9380-S? Only ask because I want the original Metabox branded Bios.
  15. That sounds like a very good resolution but are the 880's going to be 8GiG models or the same as the 780's, 4GiG models?
  16. Hi people, @ Prema: I installed your modded bios on my P370SM3 and found that windows needed reactivation, I'm assuming because of the UEFI being enabled. Not a problem though so on to my problem. The LED Keyboard lighting is off and will not turn on using Hot key version (7.0026) on Win7, However while the system is booting the keyboard LED's are lit on the last (blue) setting I used before it stopped working? This leads me to believe it has to be something Bios related. Am I wrong or not? Maybe something with the power saving settings and dGPU settings or the UEFI settings or something. No Keyboard lights just sux when I'm testing my TDM Mods. PS. I did try Backlight Controller with LightFX v0.0.6.0 but decided to uninstall when I ran out of time and had to go to work, I still want to use it but don't think it has anything to do with my problem as I uninstalled it.
  17. @ Prema I noticed that there is no V2 in your [bIOS & MODS] Prema Mod / Latest stock BIOS P3xxSMx: spoiler tab for the P370SM3 but all others have a v2 in there file names and the P570WXX have V3 yet you post in your op that there is a v2 (Latest): for the P3xxSMx ? File Type: rar P370SM3_32_31_PM1.rar is the only P370SM3 Bios file in the Mod list, No V2 etc....? Picture: Is the bios mod firmware compatible with the SLI780M systems? I would love to run an OC Bios for this system as I understand your modded Bios is all inclusive and OC's the CPU from the start is this correct with the Bios from the P370SM3_32_31_PM1.rar??? The problem I have is that the system locks up or Bsods or just restarts when I run the P370SM3_32_31_PM1 bios.
  18. P370SM3

    flash vbios?

    2c : nvidia inspector is all you really need for under clocking or overclocking, Just use stock Vbios and create a couple of shortcuts on the desktop to your preferred GPU settings. MSI Afterburner is all you need for monitoring Temps and clocks and anything else you would want to monitor. That's my 2c......
  19. Hi peoples, I'm having trouble with the hot key app in Win7. The app works fine and the hot keys seem too as well but every time I'm in a game I tend to hit the caps lock key and the game is minimized. Or if I change the volume it flashes back to the desktop then back in to game. Now this all works but boy is it annoying. Is there any way to prevent the app from gaining focus or some other fix while still being able to use the hot keys? Tanks for any input.
  20. Hi Prema, Does the P3xxSM: section also cover the P370SM3 and are the links in your OP to the latest? I was having a blue screen crash so restored the stock but no OC:23_002:
  21. Hay Prema My system specs r in sig. The i7 4800m has a clock multiplier of 27 (2.7Ghz) stock and turbo of 37 (3.7Ghz) at least that's what I was lead to believe when I purchased the system. Why have I only seen my CPU clock go to 3.59Ghz? You stated (both write into the NVRAM) and maybe this is why I'm experiencing issues in performance since I updated my Video card drivers to 334.89?
  22. Just installed the latest Nvidia drivers 334.89 on SLI 780m svI7 (Dell) Bios cards and things have changed for the worst in regards to FPS and for the better in regards to temps. The fans rev up as the clock changes happen much more frequently and FPS suffers for some reason. On the 332.21 drivers the frame rate in FNV is around 90 or so most of the time but with the new drivers they sit around 65-75. What are Nvidia doing with their low level Kernel driver manipulation on their hardware? I wounder now if I re-flash my cards to the stock bios will the flickering corruption be gone with the new drivers at 120Hz in SLI?
  23. P370SM3

    Clevo P370SM3

    I noticed this also but as I do my VM's on my desktop it didn't bother me until you posted and now I'm thinking, Why doesn't it work? I thought the Prema Bios unlocked the VM acceleration extensions in the CPU at the Bios level? Is this forum dieing or just starting? Clevo\Sager Pay attention to this thread and build better laptops. Any one going to reply to Top5a's post? I would like to know any advice anyone has as to why HAV does not report VT-x as supported?
  24. Hi Guy's, I'm on svI7's vbios and 332.21 drivers and I'm getting Bsods after playing for 1-2 hours. Temps are all ok Just to test I ran with Fn+1 on 3 times and it's still crashing. I checked some memdump files and they all point to the Nvidia Kernel mode driver. Any ideas?
  25. Thanks for the reply Robbo, The temps are ok but I've got another problem now and I have tracked it down to Nvidia drivers. I'm getting BSOD's after playing a game for 2+hours and the mem dumps all piont to Nvidia driver. Temps are all ok I even checked by playing while in Fn+1 mode 3 times now and every time GPU temps never go above 75C and CPU temps never above 70C so it's not temps. I'm running 2x780m SLI and the beta drivers 332.31.
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