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  1. AviatorX

    710s Cant change from RAID

    Hey guys, im trying to run a dual boot with linux on my 710s and i have been having a weird issue. Linux doesnt detect my SSD at all. From what ive gathered online, It is due to the fact that my SSD came with RAID. I have searched the UEFI firmware settings and there is no option to change from RAID to AHCI. I have no clue how i can get my system running AHCI instead of RAID. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. AviatorX

    Stuck Pixel?

    Hello again, So i bought a new display for my np9150 after the first one died. Well, i have had this display for a few days now and i noticed a small white dot that changes to a blue color when black is displayed. I know that dead pixels are black and they are unfixable but what kind of issue am i having here? The pixel seems to only display white and blue. It changes to blue when black is displayed. it doesnt change to any other color at all. So what kind of problem is this and is it fixable. i will return the display if its unfixable. thanks.
  3. AviatorX

    Ram ?

    Hey guys, so i am looking at buying this ram here for my laptop. My question is that the description says it is for 2nd gen Intel i5s and i7s, but will it work with my 3rd gen Intel i7? Thanks.
  4. AviatorX

    flash vbios?

    Thanks guys for your help. I got the 680m installed and everything went smoothly. I replaced the stock thermal pads with some fujipoly ones i bought from frozencpu. Im gna be watching the temps when i game , just to be sure i applied the thermal pads and paste the right way. I dont want to have this expensive card turn into an overpriced paper weight.
  5. AviatorX

    flash vbios?

    My 675m had a part of it burn so I don't really want to reinstall it. So if I installed the 680m and went into safe mode could I uninstall the 675m drivers and install the 680m drivers without windows complaining?
  6. AviatorX

    flash vbios?

    so my 675m died and i bought a 680m pulled from another clevo off of ebay. i have a few ?s 1st) do i have to flash the vbios when i get it because i read u had to flash it when u install it.2nd) i dont have enough time in windows to uninstall the 675m drivers so if i put the new card in will it allow me to uninstall the 675m drivers and install the 680m drivers without it wrecking my new card? thx for answering my ?s EDIT i have a np9150
  7. AviatorX

    How do i play web games with my dedicated gpu?

    I dont mean 3d games that need a 3d display and 3d glasses. I mean a browser game that uses 3-dimensional objects. A game that needs the gpu to be able to run smoothly. I cant figure out how to force plugin container.exe for firefox to use the gpu. The box is greyed out to use the integrated graphics and i cant change it to use the gpu.
  8. Hey guys, Ive been having issues with trying to play 3d web games with my gpu. I have firefox set to use the gpu instead of the stupid integrated graphics but it does nothing. I tried forcing the plugin container.exe to use my gpu but the box is greyed out so i cant set it to use my dedicated card. Ive been trying to find a fix for the last half hour and couldn't. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. AviatorX

    NP9150 questions

    Hello everyone, so i have several questions regarding the np9150. 1) i am looking to upgrade my 675m to a 680m and was wondering if i buy any 680m that said it came from a clevo laptop will i be ok, or is there something specific i need to look up? For instance this ebay auction says the 680m came from a clevo p370em, but will it work in a p150em? 2) does the np9150 support 4th gen intel processors? 3) does the np9150 support the 700 series of nvidia GPUs? thanks everyone for taking the time to answer a few of my questions.
  10. I have that problem sometimes, and i think it is something with the software.Such as when i modded/changed a few things in minecraft it caused my gpu to hardly work so i was getting bad fps.
  11. i think the only cpu that can be overclocked is the 3720qm and up. The 3630qm and 3610qm can not be overclocked but, why would you need to since they both are very powerful cpus and can run most things.
  12. AviatorX

    OC 3610qm on P150EM and HD7970m

    Yeah, the processor on the p150em can be upgraded as well as the gpu but, its really hard to find a place that sell laptop components. You could chech the website RJTech.com i know they sell some laptop video cards and cpus
  13. AviatorX

    Safe overclocking?

    Just slowly increase clocks and watch your temp. You really dont want the gpu to get above 95c.
  14. AviatorX

    Lenovo Y500 is this too hot of a temp?

    You should not worry about the temps they are perfectly fine, I've seen much higher temps in laptops. So you should be alright
  15. AviatorX

    Cooling Pad - Not cooling

    I have a thermaltake massive 23cm fan and it really has lowered my temps a few degrees

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