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  1. I'm just interested, can you change that chip without soldering? Also: I've read about people screwing their vbios up that way and they could just do a blind flash.
  2. I've just bought the tool, I thought let's give it a try for 15 bucks. It works great and I think it's easily worth the 15 bucks, it has actually exceeded my expectations. If you'd like me to check the support of your vbios for you you can PM me (to check if the tool recognizes your VBIOS).
  3. I agree with you, I was planning on buying this adapter: Original Dell Alienware M18x 19.5V 12.3A 240W Slim AC Power Adapter Charger and this connector: X75 Power Connector 7 4 x 5 08mm Female Jack to 5 5 x 2 5mm Male Plug | eBay, and if it doesn't work I'll just solder them together. Thanks again for the advice EDIT: I'm also considering buying Svet's VBIOS tool to make my oc permanent.
  4. Thanks for your reply! This is my first gaming notebook so I'm still figuring things out. I think I'm going to get a Dell 240W brick, or a Clevo 300/330W brick, still in doubt because I'll have to carry it to university with me on long days. The Dell seems to be the sweet spot because it's lighter and still more powerfull then my current adapter, but the Clevo just has more power. Right now I'm thinking about the Dell because I'm not planning on really overclocking it further. Also having a spare brick never hurts. I'm probably going to keep the OC's then, I've stress tested them for quite some time now (about 6 hours) and they seem stable. I'm running a Clevo P150SM, my mistake, I forgot to mention the type and brand. I've bought a rebranded European version because I live in Europe, but it's basically a Clevo P150SM. So the CPU and the GPU doesn't share heat pipes and doesn't have a bridge those are the MSI ones. I have a friend who has a 17' MSI with the shared heatsinks and a 780M, the Clevo outperforms it (both on standard clock speeds with max fan turned on). This while his laptop is able to supply more power due to the NOS system (allowing his system to draw power from the brick and the battery at the same time). The MSI tends to throttle because of temperature (or something in the vbios we couldn't figure it out for sure and he didn't really care). I'm not too sure about the performance and usefullness of the bridge to be honest.
  5. So today I've found myself able to overclock my 4700mq to 3.4ghz over all 4 the cores with a -95mv undervolt stable and I've flashed my 780M vbios with the unlocked oc version from the 2nd post of this thread. The laptop btw is a Clevo P150SM. Then I overclocked my gpu using Nvinspector to the following specs: Core: 1010mhz (+160) Memory: 3000mhz (+500) Power target 104% Prioritize tepmerature (target unchanged 92 degrees) Voltage offset +12.5mV. Is this safe for daily usage? and will it decrease the lifespan of my gpu (much)? When completing all the 3Dmark benchmarks HWiNFO shows the temps aren't going over 80 degrees. Also, at some points (physics) there seems to be throttling, the temps are still under 80 degrees at that point. I concluded this is caused by the power brick (180w) not being able to supply enough juice. Am I correct on that? Thanks in advance EDIT: I believe this 3DMark can be higher, I ran it again with my monitor and keyboard light turned of and I saw improvement. I think the CPU and GPU are drawing too much power. In order to fix this I've ordered a 240W Dell PSU. Also; for those interested in the 3dmark result, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-4700MQ,Notebook P15SM
  6. You can use Intels utility, I'm running -120 mv at stock clocks. but you could also choose to overclock your cpu using Intel's tuning utility. There are various guides and howto's online.
  7. I had a similar choice, Alienware or Clevo. I went with clevo, because with the money I saved (because Clevo is generally cheaper) I was able to buy a bigger SSD. I have owned Dell laptops before, and I expected the Clevo to be of a lesser build quality, it is a bit more squicky but it's still a sturdy laptop. My little brother stood on it once (closed) and it survived . The dual 675M's make the Alienware the faster choice. Personally I'd say: get the Alienware for performance. This is assuming that you do have warranty on the Alienware. I work at a local Dutch hardware/laptop store that also sells Clevos and other gaming laptops, and from experience I know that 30-50% needs at least one part replaced within 4 years when frequently used.
  8. Hey there, I'm Upd@te, and I've bought a P150SM when it first came out. Before then I've also gamed on desktops. Because I've decided to look into overclocking, undervolting and modding I've decided to make an account here. I'm also very interested in how bios mods like Prema's and SVL7 's are done/made. The specs on my P150SM are: 4800MQ (currently running at -120mv thanks to Prema), Nvidia 780M, 16gb low voltage ddr3 1866, 2x 256gb plextor m5m, 1tb hitatchi hdd and a Killer 1202. Some other personal stuff: I'm 20 years old, I'm studying computer science in Holland and I like to play games now and then, Battlefield, Dota2, Assassin's creed, etc. That's about it
  9. Upd@te

    Laptop Cooler

    I'm using a Zalman-NC3000U, and it's doing a good job, I own the same laptop as Diamondback, and it's definitely making my laptop a lot quieter. I've not really spent a lot of time looking at the temps, but the chipset also runs a little cooler.
  10. Hey, it sounds to me like a software issue, (if you're really 100% sure you've checked the cable) You might want to try to reset or recover the bios: BIOS RESET & RECOVERY | Prema Mod full credits for this tutorial go to Prema ofcoarse.
  11. I've got a P150SM, and it has a killer N-1202, and I've had a lot of driver related issues, which customer support couldn't fix either. (combined with a Razer Orochi) It's not just sunshine on the other side. I'm just saying other laptops can/do also have issues.
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