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  1. Have you tried something like this? http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/laptop/f/3518/t/19508313 Basically, mash bios button then try F1 or FN F1 to switch to external display.
  2. So it was a while ago I read it and I may be confused on what they actually plugged in, but I know a person soldered the connector and tried a device and it did not work. That doesnt mean they plugged the wrong type of device in or did it right. Just relaying what I read. I can try and find the post...
  3. Well I spoke too soon... so this unlocked the voltage control, however changing the voltage and saving it did not actually change the voltage. And yes I did put a load on the card (furmark) to test the load voltage. It stays at 1v. Tried 50mV ad 100mV etc etc.... no dice. I know I can change the voltage because Nvidia Inspector lets me. Any thoughts?
  4. Did that, found a cfg for each card, did it for both. Voltage control and monitoring now unlocked, awesome! Thank you! Yes I was using the shortcuts but I found it applied the voltage and overclocks inconsistently, like one card would change and the other wouldnt. Also I like Afterburner's monitoring a lot better and so I had both open... just seemed kludgy. Thanks though.
  5. IR1

    Newbie - Questions

    Ive got the 7260 installed and it works fine, only problem I have is with the bluetooth dissapearing after sleep, but that happened with the 2230 card as well.
  6. I prefer Afterburner to Nvidia Inspector (mostly for the ease of switching profiles) but I cannot get Afterburner to allow voltage control, anyone know if there is a way use AB for voltage? Tried all the different settings, but still doesnt unlock the slider.
  7. IR1

    Y500 Main VGA flash

    It is shared, there is not a separate flash for the main GPU only the Ubay GPU.
  8. My understanding is that this was explored early on and someone even soldered a connector and plugged in an Msata SSD though it was not recognized. Chances are that there is no connection to a controller etc. Bummer I know...
  9. I repurposed my bluetooth dongle and got a dedicated logitech wireless media keyboard, I mainly use my laptop with my TV, so I need to be able to couch surf on it. Anyway when I need to use bluetooth for whatever, I have to reboot the PC, BT comes back, works fine. But if PC goes to sleep, BT goes away. And yes I have "Let Windows put this device to sleep" unchecked. Anyway it is a goofy quirk on a laptop I have otherwise been pretty darn happy with.
  10. If you have another computer you could pop the drive out, and plug it in to your other computer as a USB or via SATA etc, depending if you have a external drive shell. Then backup your stuff and plug the drive back in and do a restore. This can also help: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_8-update/error-code-0xc000000f-the-application-or-operating/6ce1d1cc-309f-4cf4-899a-da4c8c244f4e Same thing though, back up what you can to another computer.
  11. You bet. Looks good to me, I get a similar readout. It will take some time to notice the effects, but once it establishes your common used files etc, it really speeds certain things up, especially boot times.
  12. OK I got good news. I saw in the main Y500 bios mod thread that someone tried using NVflash for Windows and got their ultrabay flash to take. So I tried it using the latest version of NVflash for windows and boom, my ultrabay is now unlocked and shows the modded bios. So I don't know if its something screwy with the version of Dos NVflash were using or what but the Windows one works. Give that a shot.
  13. This worked for me as well I will add. DOS NVflash was not actually flashing the bios.
  14. Same issue here. Something with Windows 10 must be causing the problem. I had some issues with the modded vbios previously in Windows 8.1 where the ultrbay GPU would work and after a month it would go into questionable or not working status and I would have to reflash or flash back to stock vbios. I am using the .33 modded vbios from the sticky. I havent tried that .3A bios.. I read this thread and thought I would test if I am having the issue and I am. So flashed to the OC unlocked vbios for the ultrabay GPU and it will not overclock past 135mhz. So we obviously need a fix for the bios for someone who knows how. I would be glad to donate some money if someone were to dig into the bios and see if they could find a fix. I would be happy to be a guinea pig for testing too. Thanks. Edit: Tried that modded .3A bios and still no luck.
  15. Ive been using express cache myself. I bought the version of the Y500 without an SSD. Shortly after I bought a 32GB Crucial mpcie SSD and installed it myself. I then dealt with the exact question as I was trying to figure out how to make sure it worked. I ended up going with ExpressCache, though I also had the Intel Rapid Storage on my system. ExpressCache can be a little confusing as there isnt a specific utility, its all command line based. But if you get it installed you can confirm it working via the command line and then you are good. As you may be aware your SSD will not show up under my computer. This is what I followed to get it working: https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/ht074404
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