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  1. Thanks man, seems like I managed to get it working I think. I ran "eccmd -info" in my CMD after installing ExpressCache and letting it take over my entire mSATA and this is what I got: EC Cache Info ================================================== Mounted : Yes Partition Size : 14.88 GB Reserved Size : 2.00 MB Volume Size : 14.88 GB Total Used Size : 12.92 GB Total Free Space : 1.96 GB Used Data Size : 12.85 GB Used Data Size on Disk : 12.92 GB Tiered Cache Stats ================================================== Memory in use : 1024.00 MB Blocks in use : 8188 Read Percent : 5.64% Cache Stats ================================================== Cache Volume Drive Number : 0 Total Read Count : 5867 Total Read Size : 262.84 MB Total Cache Read Count : 2855 Total Cache Read Size : 115.09 MB Total Write Count : 18299 Total Write Size : 430.77 MB Total Cache Write Count : 12711 Total Cache Write Size : 141.97 MB Cache Read Percent : 43.79% Cache Write Percent : 32.96%
  2. Looks like RapidDrive is no longer active in my machine as I think it once did when I had when it was factory new. It's weird how they managed to get RapidDrive, I think, to work on my machine since you had to have Windows installed on the SSD but I don't think the SSD is big enough to store it. RapidDrive would then fuse them together. I just went ahead and clean installed normally and cleared out all the partitions and installed Windows on the HDD. I'm planning on using the SSD as cache. I guess I was able to find answers to my previous post through some experimentation and research. Supposedly, my mSATA SSD was initialized on my Disk 0 because RapidDrive wasn't used to enhance performance but ExpressCache was.
  3. I just recently clean installed with Windows 10. I'm somewhat confused with the caching feature for my mSATA SSD. People on other forums have shared their frustration on getting the caching feature to work and have narrowed them down to Intel's Rapid Storage Technology's Acceleration feature, Lenovo RapidDrive, and ExpressCache. I scoured all over to find my particular instance but I was left more confused than when I started. I did learn that the acceleration feature no longer works since I do not have an acceleration tab anymore and that RapidDrive no longer seems to apply. I've yet to try ExpressCache. Anyone who has experience with this can lead me to the right direction?
  4. How does one download the files? I'm receiving insufficient privileges.
  5. I wanted to find an article that matched my situation but it seemed like most people who wanted to reinstall Windows on their Y580 also popped in a separate SSD. In this one forum, they stated that they used RapidDrive to take the HDD + SSD apart so that reinstalling Windows would work. I'm not sure if it applies to me and if I would just use the same tool to fuse them together. http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/lenovo-y580-clean-install-guide.690046/ Edit 1: Also, when I run the Windows installation, I won't be needing a product key since I've already activated Windows 10 before? Secondly, do I delete all the partitions excluding the ones I think are from mSATA and D Drive (Which may contain OKR) and format the main HDD? Edit 2: Isn't it strange that after directly upgrading my Win 8 machine to Win 10 that I now see my mSATA SSD initialized as my Disk 0 even though it's supposed to be hidden?
  6. Hey TechInferno Community, I'm new to formatting a machine and it just so happens that the first machine that I really want to clean up my system is the Y580 with its 16GB mSata + 1 TB 5400 RPM combo. I'm not really well versed in learning how to install Windows at all but what I really want to do is simply reinstall Windows 10 back onto my computer with absolutely nothing on it besides the bare minimum. I bought this laptop when it came with Windows 8 and I have gone and made the upgrade to Windows 10 not through a clean installation. When I checked my partitions, I saw a lot more than I last remembered... I sifted through many articles and basically understand a bit when it came to reinstalling Windows in general but I'm not too sure with the Y580 setup. I hope someone out there can help fix this weird partitioning and giving steps on how to reformat! Thanks a lot http://i.imgur.com/bTiQB80.jpg
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