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  1. Hi !

    Are you interested in a 780M with the TechInferno vbios installed ?

    It was installed on my M15X, I selled it last year and I still have the VGA.

    Let me know !


  2. Here I am The card was mine, the bios is the one of svl7 so I don't think is a gpu problem, can be the main bios the source of the issue ?
  3. First thing I would say graphics card, but take a look to a 770m if you want a good compromise of power cost and heat, than 920xm + PSU (the best is the 330W ) and then the ram.
  4. I don't know, if you want I'm selling mine, PM me if interested
  5. I'm going to put the m15x 780m into a 2011 iMac 27, I have Svl7 firmware installed on that card, do I need to do something else or just move it ? There's no way to put the 780m new iMac firmware into this card ?
  6. The problem with the corsair is that the D9 chips are not 100% sure as it happened to me
  7. They should, but better double check before make some mess, just lift the adhesive and read the chip, do it carefully
  8. Yeah, she kick hard ! Check the chip before attempting a flash
  9. Yes, I'm running CL7 but, honestly, we are not talking about a big performance leap. For sure you can notice some differences in benchmarks but in the daily use it's more or less the same, the big job it's made by the 920xm, the 780M and the SSD. If you can have it for real cheap take it, but don't set high expectation about performance
  10. Nothing new for the corsair but I got for cheap this: http://www.kingston.com/datasheets/KHX1600C9S3P1K2_8G.pdf and surprise... with Micron D9 chips
  11. To be able to install the driver you need to modify the inf inside the drivers installation directory, a good and easy guide is here : Nvidia INF driver modding (Guide) - Guru3D.com Forums You must do the Inf mod in order to get it working, the vbios flash is only the first step of the process.
  12. Of Windows doesn't recognize the card it's normal, just mod the inf of the driver
  13. Directly with the laptop on April 2011
  14. Nvidia INF driver modding (Guide) - Guru3D.com Forums have you used this guide ? It seems is a inf driver problem, try to redo it, maybe you put something wrong in the inf file
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