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  1. Ah thank you mate, I knew I forgot a step. Thanks so much She's back up and running again.
  2. So I have had my Nvidia GTX 765m installed into my M15x for quite some time now and have been pleased with it ever since. I recently had to reformat my laptop sadly, when I restored windows 8 back onto my laptop. I notice that the gpu isn't installing. I did not try to reflash it or tamper with the Vbios, because I did not want to go there if I don't need to / screw up what was already flashed onto it. I have tried my modded nvidia drivers they don't work. any idea what I can do to solve this? I miss my card and miss using it. This is the error I get:
  3. Hey, I have a GTX 765m I previously had it working in my Alienware m15x (already vbios modded and everything and did the install perfectly). I reformatted my laptop and want to reinstall the drivers however my laptop does not recognize the card. I change the nvdmi.inf folder in the driver version 334.89. It claims that it picks up the card but then when it's installing I get an error message. What am I missing. I have not reflashed the vbios because I don't think I need to do that since it's nothing that has to do with that (I could be wrong). Anyone has any ideas on what to do? Error message:
  4. Results in attatchements, PCI\10DE&DEV_11E1&SUBSYS_02A21028&REV_A1
  5. Hey, would you happen to have the nvdmn.inf files for the GTX 765m with Alienware m15x?
  6. Okay well got my GTX 660m working... however it seems that whenever it hits 1.1v my M15x shuts down due to voltage, did 3 tests. GPU isn't overheating it's running perfectly, it's just if I run a game and it hits 1.1v my laptop just decides to shut down, would nvflashing fix this issue?
  7. Hmm will this method work on my GTX 660m? >.< I just got it and really want to get it installed I tried but no work, maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  8. Pop Danthology 2012/2013 - Mashup of 50+ Pop Songs - YouTube Hope you guys enjoy!
  9. Woah that screenshot looks epic there Jahnsin did you make everything from scratch??
  10. Hmm I have the Thermaltake Massive 23L and it seems to help keeping my Alienware M15x at a nice stable temperature of 73 degrees when playing Diablo 3 or Battlefield 3 and a very low 30-40 degrees when on idle.
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