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  1. Guys, the question is about power supply and boot screen. I'm gonna make an attempt of upgrading, moreover im ready to write a full report wether it will be success or not, but i need to know 2 things. The first one: power supply. AMD Radeon HD 6970M - NotebookCheck.net Tech here i read, that it has similar to 480m power consuption (75-100w), where can it be checked? The second: is it possible to install windows WITHOUT a bootscreen (which i'm probably lose). If it is possible - how it can be done)
  2. Newer imac have chips glued to the motherboard... Only 2011 imac have dedicated videocard... as for ssd - surely I will do it. As well as memory upgrade.
  3. i'm afraid i will not be able to find Apple vbios... i don't even know how to goolgle it))) concerning AMD... OS X does not support latest AMD cards. So i will have my bootscreen but i will not have proper driver-support, or am i mistaken? So hard to make a decision if this upgrade is worth doing...
  4. Hi guys. I'm not sure if it is right forum to post this thread. If it is not - please remove/delete my thread. So a month ago i understood that my 27" mid 2011 imac is not a beast-machine any more. The lack of RAM, very-very-very-very slow HDD (which is painfully dying) and of course 6970m 1gb which is a good, but not a high-end GPU for the end of 2013. Firstly, i thought about building eGPU because I read somewhere that upgrading imacs GPU is possible only with a higher model from the same series (e.g i have 6970m 1 gb and it is possible to upgrade it ONLY with a 6970m 2gb). But after reading some threads on macrumors i understood that it is not true. With the latest drivers from 10.8 - 10.9 it is possible to launch brand-new out-of-the-box mobile Nvidia. The only problem is the "EFI|" thing, so i will not have a boot screen any more... Here are the links to the macrumors forums. Frequently Asked Questions About NVIDIA PC (non-EFI) Graphics Cards - MacRumors Forums 2011 iMac Graphics Card Upgrade - MacRumors Forums So... the question is. How do you think, techinfernos, will it work? Did i miss something?) Thanks)
  5. Thanks, Nando!... The whole trick was in juicing up my imac without additional displays. Counting all costs i think it is a better idea to assemble a new gaming pc and install it in the another room. The easiest and cheapiest way i think. I've already have 700w thermaltake power supply, an old but unused ssd 64, and an old-good midi-tower... so. I'm gonna leave my imac for work. Thanks again!..
  6. Hi guys. I've posted the description of my problem to "egpu experiences 2.0" thread, but i think it's a better idea to start a new thread. I didnt manage to find any information about possibility of creating egpu system for iMac mid 2011. So the first - and the main question - is it possible? If not, just tell me and dont read this crap. (too many words i suggest) But i hope it is possible because i want to upgrade my imac 27 mid 2011. I'm thinking about: 1) changing my HDD (the apple pays for the party, thanks to imac seagate hard drive replacement program), 2) installing SSD, 3) upgrading ram (up to 16g), 4)That is the most difficult part - creating eGPU system. The first 3 points are pretty simple or easy to-do, following the instructions, but when we speak about eGPU... it's very complicated for me. After reading manuals and posts i understand that i have 5 very imprortant questions. And without answers for these questions i'm afraid of starting the huge project like this (yeah, it's huge for me, i'm not an engineer, just a beginner screenwriter). Question #1. Imac doesn't have a pci-e slot, but it posses thunderbolt. So i need sonnet echo device. This is really not a problem, but as i have read, this device reduces the speed of Thunderbolt connection form 10 gbit/s to 5? Is that true? And - if it is - how bad is this reducing? Will i recieve significent improvment in performance if i change my dGpu amd 6970m 1gb to nvidia 760 4gb,but connected via thunderbolt? Question #2. Of course i want to play games on native 27" imac's display without connecting other displays. Is it possible without heavy losses in performance? Question #3 It is about scary "error 12". I tried to figure out my imac's tolud to understand is it possible or not to install egpu without all this reallocating thing. (as i have mentioned i will do RAM upgrade, could this parameter change due to ram upgrading?) Anyway, i did everything like it was described in faq, but i don't have any entry with eight dights. Question #4 Is about selecting appropriate GPU. What can you recommend? Question #5 Did i forget to mention something crucial about eGpu installing?.. Maybe it is better to upgrade ram/hdd/sdd first and then begin building egpu? Or maybe someone has a complete recipe for my case? I really need your help, guys. Thanks. p.s I am ready to spend about 500 bucks for the egpu upgrade (without cost of a gpu itself) p.p.s sorry for my awful english. I'm attaching AIDA report to this message. Report.txt
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