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  1. Can anyone tell me the lastest M15x bios update? I'm upgrading and want to make sure I have the lastest one. Thanks.
  2. Does anyone still use these forums?
  3. How about the Crucial Ballistix Sport (2 x 8G) DDR3 1600? I've heard these will work if you clock them down.
  4. Ok so I'm upgrading my M15x, with I7 920xm, GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 MXM 3.0b, Crucial Ballistix Sport (2 x 8G) DDR3 1600, and a 240w PSU. Is there a certain order that I should start with first? Any help would be appreciated. thanks! This is my first upgrade on this M15x and I don't want to screw it up.
  5. Also I noticed that you said that you need to use a shim? What size shims are working with the GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 MXM 3.0b.
  6. Had a question on the vbios work with the GTX 660M 2GB GDDR5 MXM 3.0b?
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