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  1. Ok i went with a i7-720qm and a AMD firepro M5950 same as the 6770m(I could not pass up the deal $29.99 free shipping). I read it will be a little slower in games but from what i seen no more then 5 fps nothing a slight OC wont fix. But i cant see dropping $400 plus on a GPU. When i could get a second GTX 970 for my desktop for cheaper then that not to mention i have 2 other gaming laptops.... this was more of a tinker toy then a dedicated gaming machine. Ill keep you guys posted when the parts get here. And i get them installed. Also i should not have to get another PSU/power brick seeing on how this will only pull like 17 watt more then the current set up! Thats not to say i would not upgrade the GPU later on just cant see the reason to now.
  2. Hi !

    Are you interested in a 780M with the TechInferno vbios installed ?

    It was installed on my M15X, I selled it last year and I still have the VGA.

    Let me know !


  3. Another question do you just plug and play or do you have to mod the bios on the laptop to get a newer card to work?
  4. Hello all i recently was given a Alienware M15x from a co-worker. She stated that it did not work etc etc. Well turns out the only this wrong with it is it boots very slowly, im currently troubleshooting that problem but i believe it to be a harddrive issue or software issue leaning toward the HDD. Any way i have never owned a Alienware before and i want to upgrade this one to bring life back into it. It is a basic model I3 330m with the nvidia 240m this will just not do. So im gonna upgrade the cpu, gpu, and put an SSD in it. My question is with this set up the I3 and 240m did dell put in poor cooling or is it the same as the higher end M15x at the time. If so what set up would you recommend i was thinking of the I7-740qm and on gpu im not sure i want something at least DX11 compatibility. And here comes the fun part i need to do this on the cheap. Im not shelling out $400 for a mobile GPU (well that is if i still want to be married) so what is the most reasonably price mobile GPU i can pick up that will get me gaming with this bad boy. I play games such as Arma 3, payday 2, arma 2, etc. Im not looking for this thing to max out any graphics. I have desktop and other gaming laptops for that i just thought this would be a good lappy for my wife to play on. P.S. Im glad i found this fourm!!! Have two other gaming laptops that i cant seem to get upgrade information on! Hope i can contribute to this forum as well!!!
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