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  1. Just a little news wanted to let you know guys if you dont have older version installed(whitch popup update) for some reason! There are some pieces only for Evo but most part looks ok
  2. Hi guys, Not sure if its a good place to ask if something please correct me I have PM830 in my Alienware 17 R4 and when I installed Samsung magician it told me the disk is not supported, it recognize 840Pro that I have with no problem and all for it work fine. Dell as I read is not interested in fixing this at all When I start looking for it on google I found there was bigger issue even that dell pissed...here are 2 links: updating Dell version of Samsung pm830 firmware Unable to firmware update samsung ssd that came in r3 - Alienware Forum - Alienware Club - Dell Community Dell OEM Samsung PM830 vs Retail 830 SSD - Joseph Jozwik On notebookreview there was a guy who created DSRD.enc file(9th page post 85) and this file enabled people(that have pm830 256gb ssd (MZ7PC256D) with firmware CXM01D1Q/CXM02D1Q to CXM03B1Q (official firmware)) to update to samsungs official firmware but still not all functions of Magician would be working. Was wondering would there be any knowledgable developer to have a look at developing similar file for people with CXM03D1Q firmware or a way to transform 830 OEM to Retail version or maybe its to big hustle and let it go? Thanks in advance!
  3. Wecome to my lair :D

  4. Thanks mate hope it will be runing smoothly similar as previous 17r4 Hmm 7970m with OC hits 8.5k in 3dmark11 675mx with OC can hit that much points?(Im not a 3dMark funboy but its some sort bench after all showing performance capabilities)... I would be happy with gt70 with 675mx as well with my use but occasion like I got just had to get finalized what have you used to put the load? if Prime95 and furmark? if yes then check your temps while gaming as those synthetic test put un-realistic load that wont show up during gaming If you checked those temps while gaming only then I would advice to read some more about re pasting techniques(And check if thermal pads are ok as well) if nothing will help this could be reason for warranty as if GPU gets 100C then throttling is happening(and its very unhealthy for GPU so its worth hustle if you are planning of using laptop loner)
  5. I was suppose to get delivery of gt70 with 675mx on Monday but just got occasion to take R17r4 with 7970m with 2year nbd in same price so think I will go for this anyway thanks for your input for sure it will be hepfull for other gt70 owners looking for upgrade/overclock. cheers and regards
  6. Heh yes thats what I was thinking but ur words makes more sense Think new heat sink should fit older gt70 hmm Would there be posibility to buy this upgraded heatsing somewhere elsewere then ebay? looked in there and only old ones there...maybe there is some Korean/Chinese shop with parts etc?
  7. Thats absolutly all I wanted to know and even more Thanks mate! The upgraded heat sinks(connected) from new Gt70 would fit old gt70(with 675mx/670mx)? or is there a way to connect temporary in similar way both heat sinks? edit:think by doing this connection of both heat sink allows for larger amounts of storing heat(2 heatsinks, lines and radiators) and 2 heat sinks for smaller load allow for easier way to get rid of excess of heat...(as its now done in new gt70/gt60 model)
  8. so this would mean that 770m is cooler than 675mx(OC and stock) right?
  9. Zbig0

    Replacing thermal paste & Max GPU overclock?

    Is it worth bothering to buy MX-2 instead of using AS5? Whta would be the difference is it mesurable that much? I have a tube of AS5 and wonder if its worth of hustle for buying MX-2 hmm
  10. Zbig0

    Service manuals for Msi gaming series

    thanks mate all GT70 are the same build etc gt70 0NC 20C 0ND or is there a difference(new ones have upgraded cooling I know) but other then this?
  11. Interesting it will work for all GT70/GT60 older one as well or only the newest Gt70 with 770/780...?
  12. Zbig0

    Gt60 16f3 675mx oc

    this is bit old but no answer that could help other in the future so I will add: in bios you need to change boot type from uefi to legacy(etc) please check in flashing vbios/bios treat.regards
  13. Zbig0

    MSI has a bad reputation?

    True overally not that many people here complaining about MSI, I would say that most replays on forums are from unhappy users(that want to share bad experience - mostly if some one is happy dont bother reading topics like this and dont post) and here most are happy with their MSI laptops or maybe this forum is too high-tech and people know what they are doing and what are buying for the bucks I always had ambivalent attitude toward MSI but not shortly I will check it and share my own opinion as well
  14. Hi Im Zbig, I will be flying now with GT70 0ND with 675MX(hopefully OC) ->previously gateway 8800gts,and alienware 17 r4 7970m. wanted to say hi there is so much of interesting informations in here about laptops graphic and OC.Great job!
  15. gt70 with 675mx 82C at default clocks? that sounds a bit too much hmm just ordered same model of laptop and Im bit worried. Maybe you should repaste to get better temps or this card is that hot? :/ still will have 14days to return laptop if it will be case

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