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  1. Hey guys, just making sure I understand everything correctly, the MSI OC revised flash file without any volts on it, it uses the stock voltage of the card be lets you overclock more? and the 1v, 1025, 1,05 is the same with just the voltage increased? or is there other differences? Sorry for the newb like question since temps seem fine, to be safe is 1v good, or should I go for 1025, 105? thanks.
  2. Hey everyone! I have the MSI GT60 with the i7-3610QM and GTX 680m, this being my first gaming laptop. I have been very satisfied with my purchase, though one issue has always been bothering me over the past year and that is the cooling of this laptop. The temperatures of my CPU has been well within acceptable range, but during longer periods of play (for example Alan Wake, Batman AC etc..) the temps got as high as 92 degrees (with stock clocks). After some modifications such as repasting, backplate mod and a cooler the GPU temps are back within normal range. To any fellow MSI owners, what are your stock temps, overclocked temps and if you did any cooling mods to achieve a higher overclock while maintaining a reasonable temperature range. I'm not sure if my experience mirrors that of other MSI laptop owners, but what is your cooling efficiency? Looking forward to hearing from you guys and as corny as this sounds... Keep it cool
  3. Just watched a great film recently, requires some patience on the viewers part but it is really rewarding at the end! Mr. Nobody (2009) - Mr. Nobody (2009) - IMDb
  4. Album - Troum and All Sides - Shutun Epic surreal, dreamy ambient album... if you are into that sort of thing
  5. Thanks for the quick reply Robbo! Will get the Unigine Heaven Benchmark as soon as I flash my card. I think with the card being 75 degrees is good as well, so for now I will try flashing with the msi 1v OC and see if it is stable and see what temps I get from the benchmark. I wouldn't want to go over 85 degrees though on the stock card I have played Alan Wake and it went up to 92!!!! That was before my repaste, cooler and modified backplate. It will be interesting to see how far I can push the card and still be stable while staying at 85 and below. Take care, will post my results
  6. Hey guys! It is great to be a member on this forum! To tell you a bit about myself, I very much enjoy gaming, music, film and photography. This forum is an amazing resource for all sorts information and content that it would be virtually impossible for me to list. Though I must admit I am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to technical aspects of computers and other such areas. I hope that in the future I can bring and contribute something to these forums. Once again, looking forward to reading, gaining knowledge and having fun on the way All the best, -MikePio
  7. Hey everyone, great forum! I have the MSI gt60 with the GTX 680m card and I want to be on the conservative side regarded overclocking. Under normal settings my card reaches temps after 10 min in Furmark (1920x1080 + 8x MSAA) of about 75 degrees MAX. With that in mind, I wanted to use the MSI 1V Overclock, just to be on the safe side, but considering the temps, does anyone have any suggestions as to what OC would be the best and not risk too much... Thank you for your time!
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