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  1. If you keep waiting for lenovo you would never have a working machine, better look here on the forum where svl7 does all the hard work for lenovo. I have a lenovo y580 with 2.07 BIOS (shipped with windows 7) I installed windows 8 but i don't have a matching BIOS (8.0x), it's sad lenovo doesn't give any support on this.
  2. I think the difference between them is very small. If those two cards are your only options, i would take the 7260, because its newer. BUT, if you have the choice i would take a Intel Wireless-AC-7260. This will give you access to Wireless-AC, which can reach almost gigabit speeds (theoretical). This will make your system more future proof as more and more wireless-AC routers come to market.
  3. The core temps are hitting 90 at full load with prime95, this causes the cores to throttle. I don't use my laptop as desktop replacement, so a cooling pad is no option. Any idea what full load temps could be after repasting?
  4. My i7 now downcocks after about two minutes at prime95, would repasting the CPU (and GPU, why not if i'm already inside the machine) with MX-4 prevent the cpu from downclocking? The core clock starts at 3.1GHz but when temps are going to 90C running prime95, the CPU downclocks to 2.3GHz
  5. I have been watching this forum for quite a whie now, I want to change my WiFi card in my Lenovo Y580 notebook. The guy editing/modding the BIOS files is great!
  6. I can't flash the modded 2.07 BIOS, th InsydeFlash utility says: The version of the rom file isn't newer than version of bios. According to wndow's System Information i have BOs version 5DCN40W(V2.07) I have a Y580 wich was shipped with Windows 7, i upgraded it to W8 with clean install, and updated to W8.1. I want two things to work: - Remove the SercureBoot watermark in Windows 8.1, so add SecureBoot option in BIOS -Making my Intel Wireless 7260 work, so removed whitelist
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