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  1. Hm, not sure how i missed that (09/12/13)... last time i only found the PROSet with the bluetooth driver, the one you mentioned (10/21/13)...
  2. Ok, i realized one problem if i'm were to go with the 7260 that it's not supported on Win7? I search and read around forum then I found out that it's currently supported on Win8 only? If that was true then i guess i will have to stick with 6205...
  3. Well, i'm planning to get the 7260n version as in between the 7260n and the 6205n listed in Newegg were just $2 apart... Newegg.com - Computer Parts, PC Components, Laptop Computers, LED LCD TV, Digital Cameras and more Just wanted some comments as i cannot find much of a review/article/release news on the 7260... xD EDIT: Found cheaper ones on eBay but located in China...
  4. So i would like to ask for any comment on choosing which wireless adapter, in between the Intel Wireless-N 7260 or the Intel Advanced-N 6205. I've read some forum saying the 7260 model works better in the 5GHz band but since for now i will only be using the 2.4GHz band so that info wasn't quite helpful on leading me towards which one to choose. Can anyone comment out the difference between these 2 models so that i can make a better choice, other than one is newer and another is older?
  5. Just realized this, the v8.00 mod zip is with .bin while the v8.01 mod zip is with .rom So when flashing v8.01 mod, the filename.bin change to v801Fix.rom or rename the .rom to .bin before doing the Fix? EDIT: I've just rename the v801Fix.rom to .bin and it flashed without any problem. Before flash the GTX 660M GPU clock is 835MHz and now is 1000MHz, so can say the flash is successful. =D
  6. Would like to ask if anyone here using Intel Wireless-N 7260 with Bluetooth? I'm planning to upgrade my Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB-EG to Intel Centrino Advance-N 6205 but i noticed that the Wireless-N 7260 is newer. The 6205 is Wifi only while the 7260 is Wifi/Bluetooth combo so not sure it will cause some disruption as there's another Bluetooth on board the Y580. Anyone can clarify on this 7260? Or the only option for upgrade is the 6205? I also accept any suggestion for other model. =)
  7. Hm, maybe instead of 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, i should address it as MAIN and AUX. I tried removed some sticker on the card and manage to ID which is the MAIN and AUX connector but then i read an article at eBay saying it's custom that the White cable being the MAIN while the Black cable being the AUX. When i check this in my laptop it was the other way around, maybe i will try to swap it and see if there's any improvement on my Wifi... The article i mentioned is: HOW TO INSTALL A NEW WIRELESS WIFI PCI CARD IN A LAPTOP | eBay
  8. Would like to ask that if one wifi card outperforms another card, does it means that the better wifi card will have more bandwidth in an shared wifi environment? Example like a few wifi enabled devices are browsing the web on a 4Mbps internet line at the same time, will the one with the better wifi card have more bandwidth or better speed compared with other devices with weaker wifi card?
  9. Second on the G700s, the mouse is quite decent and the main reason i avoided Razer is the rubber surface which will be eaten away as i have a sweaty palm. Another reason is that the battery for Razer wireless mouse is not commonly available in my area while this mouse uses 1 normal AA rechargeable battery so changing it will be a breeze...
  10. Hi, this is my 1st post to if i'm doing anything wrong then please do correct me. I would like to know if there's any way to identify the wireless antenna as i can see 2 connectors on my laptop (2.4GHz and 5Ghz, i assume), both are black wired but one is coverd with a white shrink tube. Would like to ask if anyone knows if there's any rules or norms for this like the one with the white cover is meant for 5Ghz? And will there be any problem if they were to be connected wrongly because i'm planning to change a new Wifi card and the ones i'm having now doesn't have any labels on the connectors so i'm not so sure on how to connect it when the new card arrives...
  11. Hi all, I'm a Y580 user from Malaysia. Trying to get the unlock BIOS here to change my Wifi card into something more decent... =P
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