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  1. KakaPipi

    How hot does the y510p get during gaming?

    When did you buy yours? maybe We have different revisions or so?? I already have the latest drivers (337.88) also the latest intel ones. I also think my temps are rediculous as I see most Y510Ps stay below 90°C. I haven't tested BF4 lately, but on BF3 (Medium - High settings) my temps reach 97 degrees after 10-15 minutes. I use MSI afterburner to measure my temperatures. Idle my temps are around 50°C which isn't so low either. (If I close all my background programs I get 43-45°C, but it's weird since it are very few programs and CPU and disk usage stay around 0% when they are active). I'm gonna send my unit back to lenovo waranty and I hope they can fix this (repasting or maybe a newer (/better?) fan, I also want another WIFI card 7260 instead of the sh*tty 2230). I also have some trouble when booting (normaly I use hibernate, but when I do a proper reboot) the diskusage stays around 100% for 5-10 minutes (coused by some windows processes (system, svchost). I completely reïnstalled windows a few months back and it was better but now it starts all again... luckily hibernate does it job well. Maybe I should buy an SSD (my version doesn't have the cache SSD as some of you have), but I will wait until I got my unit repaired.
  2. KakaPipi

    How hot does the y510p get during gaming?

    My y510p (4700QM, GT755M (non SLI)) gets realy hot. When I play BF3/4 or even CSGO, the temps slowly (let's say 5-10 minutes) go to 97-98°C then it throttles for a minute (FPS drops ) and then it goes again to 98°C. This is when Turbo Boost is already disabled... (max cpu usage set to 99% in power options). When i cap FPS in CSGO to 65FPS, the CPU and GPU stay arround 80°C. I use my laptop flat on my (wooden) desk, without cooling pad or without lifting it a bit. I got this notebook since end of august 2013 and it always get this hot, but during the year I configured it to only get ~1.5GHz so my temps were OK. I study IT so I use my laptop every day during the lessons, but now I'm thinking of getting it to warranty since the summer vacation is comming and my warranty is almost expired. But do you think they can/will fix it?
  3. KakaPipi

    Activate Num Lock automatically when turning on Y510P

    I fixed it by changing the value like you said in the first post, but in the adavnced power options, you also have to disbale windows fast startup. This works for me, I also enabled hibernate so the notebook still boots up fast (windows 8 fast startup is actual some mix between shut down and hibernate) and not a regular shutdown like in windows 7 or earlier (In windows 8 you have to disable it in the power options or you can hold the SHIFT key while you click on Shut down))
  4. KakaPipi

    y510p recovery media torrent

    Thanks for sharing! But what exactly do these discs do? Do they only reinstall Windows 8(.1?) or do they also recreate the recovery partitions (One key recovery) + are the default programs (youcam, powerDVD,...) included? Is it possible to reinstall windows (+OKR?) to another disk or M.2 SSD with these discs? Can they be put on USB instead of a DVD? And is does it matter which version of y510p you have (mine is from Belgium (Dutch OS),has a 755m and azerty-keyboard,...)? btw please seed! (currently downloading @40-60KB/s, it's something )
  5. How can I share my BIOS without the Windows 8 key inside it?
  6. Do you have a modded BIOS for 2.02? I have the y510p with the nvidia GT755M
  7. KakaPipi

    y510p SSD suggestions

    He said he want to replace the internal HDD with an SSD, and keep the HDD for external storage. Maybe you can consider buying an M.2 SSD? The y510p has such a port (not all models though), but then you can use your SSD for your OS and keep the HDD for your games/data. I think this is a more practical solution since you always have the 2 'drives' in your laptop
  8. KakaPipi

    Turbo boost safe temps?

    Nope it's not possible to change the fanspeed. I found out that the Lenovo dust removal featre actually let the fan spin faster then when I'm gaming (when the CPU reaches 98°C) The Cpu throttles down if it reaches 98°C so I think you're safe if you stay below that temp.
  9. KakaPipi

    Lenovo Y510p wireless card

    I fixed this problem by removing the Centrino Driver (in Device Manager) You have to delete it multiple times until it uses the default Microsoft driver. Now my wifi is running perfectly!
  10. KakaPipi

    Y510p overheating

    You need to set the Maximum CPU usage to 94% in 'Advanced Power settings'. I have the same laptop and when I'm running the CPU at 2.4Ghz it overheats (throttles down causing framedrops). With the 94% usage the clockspeed goes to 2.2GHz max with is enough for games and the CPU stays below the 98°C (at this point the CPU throttles down)
  11. KakaPipi

    Practice Routers

    Trying to connect the routers with eachother? using DMZ,.... I think you can use almost every router to do some testing

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