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  1. Hi! I succesfully installed the mod (Thanks svl7), and made a backup or my ultrabay GPU[1], but nvflash didn't let me backup my GPU[0] because it always gives error. So when I'm trying to play a game with SLI enabled, the game crashes. GPU[0] BIOS version: 80.07.9D.00.07 [MODIFIED] | Driver Version: GeForce 331.40 - [r331_00-96] GPU[1] BIOS version: 80.07.9D.00.11 [MODIFIED] | Driver Version: GeForce 331.40 - [r331_00] Should I flash the backuped file of my GPU[1] or what's the solution for my problem? Thanks
  2. Is seems thats the only way, I have to buy 7260 soon, this 2230 is really horrible.
  3. I tried updating my 2230 driver, but didn't help
  4. Hi, I'm planning to install vbios mod for v1.07 bios because I would like to turn off HT and installing intel 7260. Did anyone try turning off HT and playing games without it? I think that could help me, because sometimes my CPU reaches 80-90C. Thanks (sorry for my bad english)
  5. You are right, but there is no M.2 SSD available on the market yet, if I'm right.
  6. HI! I would like to replace my HDD to a 128/256GB SSD and use hdd as external storage, I found Samsung 840 Evo 120/250gb ssd. What do you think? Can you suggest me a good ssd for windows and some games like BF3/4 league of legends etc. Plus I need a hdd to usb adapter (USB 3.0) Thanks, and sorry for my bad english
  7. Last moive i watched was The Conjuring, and it was good
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