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  1. Install the Intel Graphics 4600 drivers.
  2. bob

    Turbo boost safe temps?

    Can anyone else help?
  3. bob

    Turbo boost safe temps?

    CWhat about the unlocked bios? Does anyone know if there are fan speed settings in it?
  4. I have a Y510p with 4700mq. I'm trying to do some video encoding but I want it to go faster. I'm trying to force turbo on when encoding and I need to know what are the safe temperature limits because I'm reaching around 90c on a haswell at 3 gigahertz. If someone could tell me how to change the fan speed, it would be a lot easier.
  5. I think you'll need more explanation...
  6. Would I have to disassemble the entire laptop if I wanted to get to the heatsink?
  7. My guess is that removing the SLI video card and installing Intel graphic drivers after rebooting will fix your issue but I'm not sure...
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