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  1. But that's the problem. The problem doesn't go away at all, even on complete stock clocks. Been 2 weeks since I played any game.
  2. I was overlocking it. I stopped after the freezing issues started occurring. I used to normally run at +345mhz core at stock voltage (1.037-1.012V) and no memory overclock while gaming. While playing gta 5, which was what I was playing when the freezes started occuring, I also ramped up the memory clock +400mhz in afterburner (+200mhz displayed in gpuz).
  3. Maybe memory overclocks fucked it up? Does this happen when you OC the gpu memory clock?
  4. Okie, ran 3dmark firestrike on loop for nearly an hour today with no problem which was weird. Started up dead space 3 and it froze before I could even get out of the menu. I decided to check if it was the VRAM causing trouble and I think I found the culprit: https://i.imgur.com/iWsvJl0.png
  5. Does it power on at all? Did you update or change the bios from what was supplied with the laptop?
  6. No overheating issues, temp sensors show temps below 75C and there seems to be no correlation between temps and freezing in my case. I have tried intensive games like gta5 and arkham origins on ultra (also heaven benchmark) as well as very less intensive games like dark souls and counter strike. I have tried running at stock fan speed and with fans turned up to various levels up to max. There seems to be no logical variance in both cases even though both these situations should have much variance in temperature. I have tried drivers all the way from 320.49 all the way to 352, went from SVL7's vbios to stock and back, even tried reinstalling windows and changing the EC firmware. Bah, I am at my wit's end. I would have just bought a new card if it weren't for it working perfectly for varying amounts of time that seem to correspond to nothing. That has me concerned that it is something other than the card at fault here, which would mean that it would be a waste of money to buy a new card.
  7. I just want to make sure that it is actually the gpu at fault and not just the psu or the faulty battery affecting it before getting a 970m
  8. Completely reinstalled windows and used 345.20 drivers. Still freezing
  9. Nope, my bios doesn't allow that. Everything is running stock.
  10. That only happened once. It went back to freezing between 10-15 mins afterwards. I went all the way back to 327.02 without any luck. I will try 345.20 anyway and if that doesn't work, I will try reinstalling windows.
  11. Well that didn't help either. Issue still persists.
  12. I have tried 347.52, 347.88, 352.86 and 344.11 and I still had the freezing. I will give this one a try as well and see what happens.
  13. Its definitely not an overheating issue. I know how hot it feels above 80C and it throttles at 89C and I monitor the clock speeds. I do not think the monitor is inaccurate but I had ramped up the fan speed in order to make sure. There really was not much difference in the time it took to freeze. - - - Updated - - - I use msi afterburner along with HWinfo to get temps and other info ingame. Temperature doesn't seem to have any relation to the freeze but thank you for trying to help anyway
  14. Hello guys, I have a MSI gt70 0nd with a 4gb 675mx and as of a week now, I am running into freezing issues whenever I am playing any game. It just sits there with looping audio and I have to hold down the power button to shut it down. Screen is stuck on the last frame of the game and I can't do anything at all to get a response other than holding down the power button to force shutdown. Once, it rebooted on its own when I just left it like that for a while just to see what it would do. The thing is, I can play for around 15 minutes without any problems at all. It only starts freezing then. It happens both when overclocked or when completely at stock. Temps are completely fine, below 75C. I got lucky today when playing ds2 while windowed because it didn't freeze the entire computer, just the game which let me take this screenshot of gpuz after the game froze: https://imgur.com/DbAxWGc As you can see there is a rather large spike in bus interface load (to 87%) just before it froze. I launched the game again (no restart nothing) and a short while afterwards, it froze again which let me take this screenshothttps://i.imgur.com/6CzHLhU.jpg Normally it would freeze the entire PC but this time it only froze the game. This only occurred once, and every other time it freezes my entire laptop and I have to hold down the power button. I had reinstalled and rolled back my drivers normally at this point multiple times and since it didnt seem to be doing much, I used display driver uninstaller in safe mode to remove my nvidia drivers completely. I then did a clean install of 347.88whql and launched up ds2 again. This time I could play for about 45mins in fullscreen before it froze completely again. Issue still persists and I could only play for 50 mins that one time Anyone know what the high spikes in bus usage means? Any idea how to fix it?
  15. I had scrapped all my upgrade plans and now I'm going to have to make it again
  16. Is it still possible to OC with a modded vbios after the nvidia driver lockdown?
  17. 0_0 Your temps are way to high, mate. I would recommend opening your laptop up and cleaning it.
  18. No, show us the sensors tab. If you are throttling due to, say temperature for example, perfcap reason will show pink lines like this: http://gpuz.techpowerup.com/15/01/11/amc.png It should happen when you hit 89C. I forgot to change my fan profile from quite mode and was wondering why I was dropping frames. oops
  19. +300mhz, not bad. Nice to see a reply after a year
  20. I like msi and all but yuck. And that's not even considering the soldered on cpu that they seem to be using in the gt80 and the gt72. - - - Updated - - - When did alienware become disappointing for you?
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