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  1. Do you mean the vbios for the graphics card or the system bios? If you mean vbios of the 765m, just post it here and I will mod it to go above +135 limit.
  2. None of them can overclock memory? How about the core clock? Is it even advisable to overclock that card considering it runs at about 90C at stock?
  3. I dont normally use nvidia inspector but I think I remember seeing that option when I opened that program a few months ago. I quickly lost interest in it since that option doesn't do anything for me.
  4. I have had that option for a while, even before updating to latest nvidia drivers. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything. I can change the slider, but when I hit apply, it goes back to 87C: http://i.imgur.com/zCaoqtj.png - - - Updated - - - Yep, a properly modded vbios can fix this. Unfortunately, there is no properly modded vbios for the 880m available right now.
  5. Grrr... You are right. I started working on it again and I got the boost disabled, the voltage up but the power table is a fucking mess. I think we should wait for svl7. Or for a guinea pig for testing
  6. Yep, you're right. I just gave it a high limit in case he wants to experiment. I will be working on the power target and voltage later since I was in a rush to go eat lunch. It would also help if I had a tester. I am just changing one thing at a time because I don't want to screw up and destroy anything with an unfamiliar card
  7. I only gave it a +600 core clock limit tweakable with msi afterburner, nvidia inspector etc. Tell me if you need anything else like increased voltage, disabled boost or whatnot. 880m gt60 backup modified.zip
  8. Try flashing the beta EC from here. https://forum-en.msi.com/index.php?topic=162629.0
  9. It is using the nvidia gpu. The problem is that the game thinks that it is working on the igpu instead of the nvidia gpu and therefore greys out certain graphic options.
  10. The 780m vbios posted here has a stock core clock of 850Mhz. So yes, it would increase clocks by default.
  11. Yes, I think it works for all like the 780m vbios does. If you have clevo/dell, grab the first 770m vbios.
  12. I tried the clevo 675mx vbios with my MSI once. It didn't brick completely but I couldn't use the card until I flashed the msi vbios again. So most likely flashing an asus or msi vbios on a clevo would do the same thing.
  13. Thats called super sampling anti aliasing. There are other methods of anti aliasing as well.
  14. Those are some pretty good temps. What fps do you get in bf4 and crysis 3?
  15. I think he said that it was throttling because it was warming up too much.
  16. I unlocked the core clock limit. No idea how to unlock voltage. I can set it up a bit if you want. 1198.zip
  17. Yeah, its pretty much a hazing simulator with no zombies now.
  18. VRAM doesn't combine in SLI. You wiill only get 2gb. SLI | FAQ | GeForce
  19. No, increasing your ram is not going to give you increased graphical performance in games. 8gb is more than enough for any game that is currently available. However, iGPUs (eg: intel hd 4000) benefit from using faster ram since they do not have their own dedicated memory.
  20. What klem said will work too.
  21. Tell me if this works properly: savedOKedit.zip PM me if it doesn't. Edit: Here is another with even more voltage: 675mx edit.zip
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