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  1. have you managed to get 970 gtx to work on your notebook??? i have the same notebook.im new to the egpu so any advice is welcome especially if you get that card working please share it with community.thanks :)
  2. yeah its not possible without modded bios..you can undervolt your cpu -105mv is stable for me..but still i get high temps but here its summer 30C and i guess it cause of that mostly
  3. i would help you but i dont know if you can use my vbios to flash..im not soo good in computers like other guys..Btw guys if you need more psu power you can undervolt integrated gpu..i undervolted for 30mv and its stable..no crashing while browsing etc..I also undervolted cpu 111mv and power managment is 99% and disabling wifi and bluetooth in device manager can help too..I tryied with static voltage but its seems worse for me..Anyone else having better results with static voltage?maybee im doing something wrong.
  4. Actually my temps are fine with modded bios...just my gpu voltage jumped from 0.825V or 0.850V(not sure) to 1.037!that was the main heat problem i guess but i will test it now with less voltage for gpu..is the gpu under w a s d keys?cause i feel the heat a bit when temps go above 80C..i didnt felt the heat few months ago with same temps
  5. memory 4800mhz??are you sure???how do you set static value?in intel xtu its greyed out for me and i cant switch from adaptive to static?i got big problems with cpu temp after flashing when gaming even with 100mv undervolt in xtu
  6. HEY LOOKS LIKE I MISSED A LOT GOOD THINGS ...sorry guys i had many obligations on college..so someone actually has overclock the gpu..i dont know much about flashing bios or gpu..could someone help me?mine bios version is dogs nears and i would be happy if i get a bit boost..which file should i use?and what command lines to type for succesfully flashing?Thanks
  7. i think you made a bad decision..the cpu in in gx60 is terrible..you will experience slowdowns in some cpu dependant games..it wont be playable..cause the cpu holds back gpu..you should go for asus with 770M or even better MSI with 680M and buy a longer warranty
  8. hey justpi..dont try everything you found on internet..you can easily brick your motherboard or gpu..we must hope that someone will make us a special bios(1.13 version currently) or gpu bios for 760M(mine card)
  9. why not a clevo?some clevo models have mxm slot and in later stages you can than upgrade the gpu...if you are from usa you should be clevo(sager)
  10. hellooo guys i found out that i can overpass 135mhz overclock only if i flash bios ..Im newbie regarding flashing bios.I have never done it before.I read some articles on internet and its dangerous cause it brick the bios.Some users suggested me that i ask for svl7 modded bios as a trustfull source.Svl7 can you please make me a modded bios(or whatever you call it) so that i can overclock more? Here is my spec:Acer V3 772G,i7 4702MQ,760M GTX 2GB GDDR5(with overclock 135/780),8GB ddr3 ram,windows 7 64bit(ultimate i think) I saw a similar thread for acer v3 772G but he had 750M and i have 760M as gpu?so im really careful about every aspect cause i know its dangerous and it can brick my notebook My bios version is:1.13 from official acer website Acer | Download I think no one will help me but if someone proves me wrong i would be very thankful if i get a tutorial also what exactly to type(commands) after booting usb(i read that it must be booted from usb before windows starts).Thanks(sorry for bad english)
  11. i have 4702mq cpu..its acer aspire v3 772g model..In games like crysis 3,state of decay i get 86-87C max package temp..other games like sleeping dogs,tomb raider hit maybe 82-83C max..Can i overclock my cpu?lets say by 100mhz..im more interested how much more heat will 100mhz produce for my cpu temp(2-3C or more or less?)
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