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  1. cresterk

    Gpu usage lag..

    Can you give us a bit more info? It might be due to high temperatures causing the gpu to throttle.
  2. cresterk

    Safe overclocking?

    You guys seem to be using low core clocks. On the default voltage (1.012) I can hit 1008 mhz core without problems along with 1200mhz memory. My card is less powerful than yours (675mx)
  3. A bit more info about what gnikolaides said: 1. You can use rivatuner to limit fps to 58 or 59 (just 1 fps below max) 2. rivatuner does not work on 64bit bit version of bf4 or any 64 bit app. So make sure to use 32 bit. 3. There is no core parking in windows 8 or 8.1, only earlier versions of windows have it. Does anyone know about a program like rivatuner for 64bit apps?
  4. cresterk

    msi gt70 not charging

    If the middle light is lit up, it means that it is charging. Removing the battery will turn off that light as there is nothing to charge to
  5. Is your laptop plugged in? Are you sure it is using the nvidia gpu?
  6. Hello, is there a way to unlock voltage as well as oc limits on a 4gb msi 675mx? Your earlier vbios did not have voltage control. GK104.zip
  7. A 765m is not exactly top notch. It wont run any of the newer games on ultra. I dont think an 18inch alienware is exactly stealthy either. Its a huge laptop that is meant for high performance but the parts you picked out arent exactly top notch. Heres a review for the 765m. If you are absolutely crazy about the looks of a laptop , than get an msi gs70 STEALTH or a razer blade. Those are the best looking gaming laptops I know.
  8. Does it beep and then show you something like this after you hit -5 -6 and or does it just start beeping and not stop?
  9. My default VBIOS version was The version I flashed was Perhaps due to this? Should I sent a pm to SVL7 or just post in a thread?
  10. It does that by default. I tried running as administrator to be sure. No change.
  11. Thankyou, I will try it. I hope I didnt damage anything. - - - Updated - - - Tried SVL7's VBIOS. No luck in changing voltages. http://img.techpowerup.org/131128/nvidia_20131128_113507.png
  12. I managed to get it stable at 93 degrees at this: http://i.imgur.com/jaR5IRM.jpg Is running at 93C witch VDDC at 1.1000V-1.0750V really ok? I feel like it is a bit too high.
  13. I used msi turbo fan which keeps the fan at 100%. No use though, about half an hour of heaven benchmark reached 90+
  14. Ok, Klem was kind enough to give me a modified VBIOS with 1.1000V with drops to 1.0750V VDDC. This is how much I got now: Modified vbios from default 667/900 - Imgur Its getting hot though. I will post again once I tweak the values until it stays below 86 Celsius
  15. The default core and memory clocks have changed but VDDC still drops from 1.0370V to 1.0120V http://i.imgur.com/bOt2cd2.jpg Did I flash it wrong?
  16. Thank you very much. I used the msi 4gb 675mx oc vbios that svl7 posted. MSI 675mx (4GB) -'OCedition'_rev00 (1).zip
  17. Unfortunately, this is the most stable overclock I can get by only overclocking the core clock: http://i.imgur.com/mDxIRIz.jpg My VDDC drops from 1.0370V to 1.0120V within a few minutes of running a heavy app/game. I can get +450 on the core clock while it stays at 1.0370V but it gives me a "display driver failed" error when it drops to 1.0120V. I got a beta EC that is supposed to help with overclocking from the msi forums but that didnt help as well. Is there any way to make it stay at 1.0370V ?
  18. This is the highest I could get. What do you guys think? http://i.imgur.com/FjetiXJ.jpg
  19. cresterk

    Gt60 16f3 675mx oc

    To make it a bit more easier, just get the latest nvflash and extract it to somewhere easily accessible ( eg: C:\vbios ) Then, copy the vbios you want to flash to that folder. After that, open cmd as administrator. Type cd C:\vbios Type nvflash -5 -6 vbiosname.rom It should flash the vbios now. After it is done, just restart. This is how I did it since I couldn't get that damn bootable usb to work. Heres how much I could oc with svl7's vbios: http://i.imgur.com/FjetiXJ.jpg
  20. Hello Svl7, I used yourMSI 675mx (4GB) -'OCedition'_rev00 vbios to flash my card which was a Is this ok? The turbo button when activated doesnt seem to do anything now except light up. Also, the gpu seems to work at full power even on battery but the whole laptop shut down when it reached 70% battery level. Sorry for the stupid question but are these normal? Also, is there a way to prevent the dedicated gpu from being used 100% while on battery?
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