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  1. ewoxas

    msi gt70 not charging

    Ok, just few hours ago, my laptop went to hibernation automatically, when i checked the battery was empty and there was red right in the middle of three lights (Bottom right). I checked the Power place, its working. The Light in the Adabtor is GREEN. But the adabtor is not even slightly hot. removed the battery and tried only adabtor, no lights in the laptop at all. what should i do
  2. i just bought a MSI GT70 0NC-29NE and was very excited to try it out with some Diablo 3, but when i was going to play, the performance was terrible. Low FPS and overall lags. I have installed the latest drivers and updates but it doesn't work, it is still lagging. This is a pretty expensive computer and the specs of it should be more than enough to handle Diablo 3 on the lowest settings. 3gb of video card memory, intel i7 processor and 8gb RAM. Is there any1 who can tell me how to fix this problem? do I need to return the computer and get another one or is there a simple solution to get rid of this problem?
  3. Hello, Can you replace the graphics card in the alienware M17x Gaming Laptop? And if so how easily? I was thinking of getting 2GB GDDR5 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 660M and replacing it in a year or 2.
  4. ewoxas

    no hdmi audio

    Problem: Cannot get the HDMI to play audio through to my monitor or tv (2 different for testing purposes) I am able to clone my laptop's display with no issues (other than the audio). I have tried selecting HDMI output in the Playback Devices, but the only 2 items there are the Speakers "Sound Blaster Recon3Di" and Digital Output "Sound Blaster Recon3Di". I have selected this are to show disabled devices, but still, those are the only two displayed. I think I have exhausted just about every trick in the book to try to get the audio come through the tv/monitor speakers. Anyone have any solution or suggestions? I can't post on the Alienware forums because of maintenance (just my luck) Side note, I have never had an issue with the HDMI in - audio and video works perfectly from any device I have tried (PS3, XBox360, even another PC). I'm also trying to record gameplay with both an Elgato and a HDPVR2, but b/c of this audio issue, there is no sound. I have been able to watch a movie/play game and used external speakers before, but that's not what I want. I need the direct audio out from the HDMI. I have tried almost everything I can think of: Updated BIOS Tried 3 different HDMI cords Updated nVidia drivers to latest Banging my head on my desk many times
  5. ewoxas

    fx 8120

    If you've been thinking about overlock cpu you should first consider the dangers that it poses to your CPU and the Data you have stored in your PC. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid overclocking on a PC which has important data, as it might blow up some day due to your careless overclocking . You should always make use of forums on the internet for expert advice before overclocking your PC. So, here is a list of dangers of overclocking
  6. Hopefully this hasn't been discussed yet, but I was browsing around and found this thread showing how to enable the 5870's to enable AMD Overdrive! I guess you can either flash the 6870 vBios or on the 2nd page of the thread, you can flash a modified 5870 vBios that enables Overdrive. I did the latter and can tell you that it works great! Obviously, I take no credit for this, but am just passing along the good news.
  7. Hi, I have had my M17x R2 for around 2 years. Early this year I noticed fps drops form 50fps to 5fps in game that occurs for a few seconds randomly. I suspected it was overheating and I cleaned the heatsinks and repasted both the gpus. The problem still persisted and it got to the point where I would instantly get 5-10fps and massive lagging in games like Far Cry 3 and Battlefield 3, which i used to get around 40-60fps last time. I found that when i disabled crossfire, the problem went away but my fps was obviously not as high as it used to be with crossfire enabled I contacted dell and they replaced both my gpus 3 times, my motherboard 3 times, and even my CPU and they did a clean install of windows. I just received my laptop from servicing and hoped that the problem went away but unfortunately it was not fixed.I have updated all my drivers. I can only play games with crossfire disabled as enabling it makes games unplayable. I have no idea what is causing this problem and I am not that great with computers. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. have 775/1050mhz and sometimes while playing sc2 i get small thingies like artifacts and i saw many guys on this forum had 850/1200mhz! Or its just my videocard not so good at overclocking? I have catalyst 12.1 drivers. And which tool is better to test in for artifacts? I have tested with 3dmark11 and had no artifacts but in sc2 im getting them, maybe i'm doing something wrong? (Im overclocking with AMD Overdrive and have .93 vBios) PS my temps is ok, on a load - 70C, idle 50-53
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