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  1. Hi guys an unlocked vbios worked wonders for me back in the kepler days. I just got a new Asus Scar 2 with the RTX 2070 Is is still possible to unlock the vbios for turing GPUs? thanks TU106.rom
  2. wengmugmug

    GPU usage lag

    I already tried decreasing the memory clock, even to stock setting, with the core still oc'ed, but it still lagged For SP games and bechmarks, the setting runs perfectly. Dunno why it only affects the MP I got some really good memory chips The max i could push them was +800, but decided to leave it to +750 because it wasn't stable in 3dmark, but all other games run fine at +800mhz. But again, the core's not stable in MP
  3. wengmugmug

    GPU usage lag

    Thanks a lot man will take a look. Mine's a GT70 0ND, not a barebone one. I really don't understand why they would make the card throttle if the load is too high as long as temperature is still fine. Mine's not even reaching 85C yet. Other cards can run at 90-95C no problem : (
  4. wengmugmug

    GPU usage lag

    I tried lowering the memory clock, but didn't help +750 is the maximum frequency that seems to be stable in SP games. I played witcher 2, sleeping dogs, BF3 and 4 SP, and crysis 2, but all of them worked fine. no lag at all (only sp game with lag is crysis 3. dunno why ) But then I went into BF3 and 4 multiplayer. The maximum settings don't work anymore. I had to drop the core clock down to 800mhz (that's the same as the normal +135mhz cap) The memory OC still works though. If I decrease the core clock to 800mhz and memory at +750 there's no lag at all. It's just weird because most SP games are usually more demanding on the GPU, but the 1.01Ghz works fine. MP, on the other had, which is usually less demanding on the GPU, showed inconsistent framerates.
  5. wengmugmug

    GPU usage lag

    closed them but still lagged : (
  6. wengmugmug

    GPU usage lag

    yep. Normally I just use rivatuner that comes with MSI afterburner Sometimes, I have GPU-Z opened as well
  7. wengmugmug

    GPU usage lag

    No, I only use my second screen for watching movies It's disconnected otherwise
  8. wengmugmug

    GPU usage lag

    Hi guys I have an MSI GT70-0ND (i7 3630qm and 675mx). I flashed svl7's vbios(thanks a lot man )and the highest OC I get is 1012mhz on the core, and +750mhz for memory. I ran some benchmarks and it's running quite stable. SP games are running just fine. GPU temps are around 80C and doesn't go above 82C. The CPU is a tiny bit hotter at around 80-85C. So the temps are just fine. However, when I tried to get into multiplayer(tested with BF3, BF4, Crysis 2+3), the GPU usage just drops every 10 seconds or so to around 40%. Each lag lasts about 2-3 seconds. I also got myself a power meter to see if my PSU is sufficient for the OC. Turns out it's only drawing about 150-160W from the wall, and rarely maxes out at 170W, which is still perfectly fine. I also used throttlestop to see if it makes a difference, but it doesn't. So far, the only game that has the lag in SP is crysis 3. Really frustrated Does anyone have the same problem?
  9. Bump I would really appreciate it as well if you could unlock the voltage settings for the msi 675mx. Dunno if it's related to the problem I'm having, but even if it isn't, my temps are still fine, my card can probably run a bit faster with a voltage boost thanks. I doubt throttling is enabled in the bios, but if there is, it would be great if you can remove it as well Thanks a lot Will donate when I get back to the UK PS. Merry Christmas everyone Edit: Donated!
  10. Haha. Thanks, Robbo I can't think of anything that might be causing this either kinda sad, cuz my card runs just fine at 1.05 Ghz in benchmarks and singleplayer games(except crysis 3, which is the only game with stuttering in SP), but only around 830 mhz in multiplayer Anyway, I do have a second screen connected to my notebook sometimes, but not when I'm gaming.
  11. So I just got myself a power meter to check if my PSU is enough for the OC. Seems like the problem's not the PSU nor the temperature : ( Both CPU and GPU temps are around 80C, which to me is perfectly acceptable. Under load, the system draws about 150-160 watts from the wall. The highest is only around 170, which happens very rarely. I also noticed that when it's stuttering (GPU usage drops), the power draw is reduced to about 110-120 : ( . Maybe it's the voltage after all?
  12. Both CPU and GPU temps are not that high GPU is about 80C under load, and the highest CPU core is around 82C. Guess I'll have to get myself a Watt meter. Thanks a lot man
  13. Somehow, my GPU usage drops occasionally in multiplayer games to about 40% about every 10 seconds. This only occur in multiplayer though, as all singleplayer games have worked so far I have tested with battlefield 3+4, Bad Company 2, and Crysis 2+3, where the overclocked setting ran just fine in single player, but stutter a lot in multiplayer. Temps are still fine at only about 80C during load. Shouldn't be the voltage right? If it is, any chance that I can increase the core voltage any further? Thanks a lot PS. I'm using MSI GT70 0ND (the one with 675mx and 3630QM)
  14. your CPU is the bottleneck. 7970m is capable of way more than that you'll get even lower frame rates in BF4 until the mantle updates.
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