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  1. ddyoswaggie

    Please make a modded y510p BIOS based on 74CN44WW V3.05

    That's what I did before, doing it again though and I get the same error. What is it comparing my bios to that it's failing?
  2. ddyoswaggie

    Please make a modded y510p BIOS based on 74CN44WW V3.05

    I'm getting this, "BIOS version compare error!" with version 3.05, any thoughts? It's plugged in and I'm able to create a backup and stuff so I'm not really sure what this means. Help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. ddyoswaggie

    DX11 Unreal Engine Demo Reel - Next-Gen Visuals

    I should specify that I'm wondering about when the tools for UE4 will be released, I'm aware that there are already games in development using UE4, a list of which can be found here.
  4. ddyoswaggie

    DX11 Unreal Engine Demo Reel - Next-Gen Visuals

    When is it going to actually come out? Me and a couple of friends have been messing around with UE3 however UE4 has so many improvements I would hate to learn 3 just to have to relearn 4....
  5. ddyoswaggie

    Y510 Ultrabay Extended Battery

    Sounds scary! There's probably no simple solution here. If you could get a cheap ultrabay battery pack that's dead, you could replace the cells easier than modifying the wrong ultrabay case to fit. Just my two cents...
  6. Case Logic makes some great bags. Padded backpacks are nice too since many bags cause a lot of stress on your shoulder. The messenger bags work if your laptop isn't too big, but once you get into bigger sizes you should really consider a backpack.
  7. Hi everyone! New to TI. Looks like a great site with many great resources. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad y510p with the familiar dropped-wireless problems. Just starting college this year and hope to keep up with new tech!
  8. ddyoswaggie

    only 3.0 flashdrives open?

    So it *only* works with USB 3.0 drives? I've never heard of that. Maybe an option in the BIOS? Maybe try a different USB port? It sounds like you are saying that your work equipment only supports 2.0 though, so I'm not sure how that's connected...
  9. ddyoswaggie

    Lenovo Y510p wireless card

    This sounds so familiar! The y510p is a great laptop, but the wireless is killing me. I got a new ac card from Intel (7620 too) and the system won't even POST with it in there! The hacked BIOS sounds like the way to go.
  10. Does anyone know the list of allowed wifi cards? I've done some searching but apparently Lenovo doesn't make this stuff easy to find.

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