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  1. When you say laggy... Do you mean the video was choppy? That might have something to do with graphic hardware accelleration emulation built into vmware. it can be turned on.
  2. Does anyone know if there is an ultrabay 750 card for the y410p yet?
  3. I just ordered a KIller 1202. I've been having massive issues with the 2230 in my 410P. It constantly switches itself off. I've tried all of the different drivers and I've configured the power management for it correctly. Also disabled automatic shutoff of the card too. I'm hoping this new card will help with these issues.
  4. This sounds more like a driver issue to me. Are you using the lenovo supplied drivers for your touchpad? I got much better performance, and more features out of the driver that I got straight from synaptics website. It pretty much fixed everything i hated about that touchpad.
  5. I personally use VMWare Workstation on my Y410P, so I haven't tested this yet, but in theory you should be able to download the free Virtual Box and setup OS X inside a virtual machine. I don't think the CPU matters due to the CPU emulation. I'm going to try it out on vmware workstation 10 when I get my new wifi card.
  6. I would hook into your router via ethernet and do a speed test first. Lets see if it's actually your wireless or something else on your network causing the speed issues. I also second InSSIDER. It'll give you a good idea of what channels are free in your area. Also what encryption algorithm are you using? WEP is Slower then TKIP which is slower then AES. Always go with WPA2 if you can. It'll always use AES, and fall back to TKIP if your device doesn't support AES. Finally you can try testing with a USB wifi adapter and seeing if your wifi card is a dud.
  7. Hi! I'm Alex! I just got a Lenovo y410P. I'm an IT guy, so I tend to do alot of tinkering with my tech stuff. I'm sure you'll see me on here from time to time!
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