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  1. @WireMesh Cause Lenovo has an evil production section
  2. Hey @svl7 I have the V1.09 bios any chance of a mod? BIOS is dumped in attachment.
  3. @svl7 One Y510p GPU-Z Screenshot coming up.
  4. @svl7 Another one from a 510p FLASHCHK.zip
  5. I would be willing to be a test dummy, but as Stardeluxe mentioned FPT_BAK3264_4.zip seems to be corrupted. I cannot open it with 7zip and it gives the error message "Cannot be opened as archive".
  6. I would, however my Y500 is lost somewhere on England's rail system and I have purchased a Y510p as a replacement.
  7. That's awesome Sh3l0q, I would be willing to risk a brick if you need testing.
  8. Hey people to assist with the effort I tried to also create a BIOS dump but like crazybian I am getting error 201.
  9. ~50 USD, so not exorbitant, but not bottom of the barrel either. My Bluetooth issue is event 17 which also effects the stock card and is a windows 8 issue.
  10. Awesome remember to check the box for AC support. We can compare results and get a data set going.
  11. I like windows 8 speed, greater posix compliance, and expanded powershell. BUT F****ING EVENT 17 on bluetooth is back and there is no fix for Windows 8 like there was on 7
  12. No trouble so far, just needed to install the Bigfoot drivers. And to get the Bluetooth to work I needed to uninstall the Intel Bluetooth drivers My at first glance benchmarks are here : http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/3983-bigfoot-killer-wireless-n-1202-y500-first-glance.html
  13. Nope, but I have speed test the Intel, it only got around 324 kbps at max. Kinda pathetic so I upgraded.
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