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  1. Hmmm...I wonder if there is a way to figure out the default max temps.
  2. Same. I put up with the drops as well, although they can get annoying... What temps does it throttle at? Mine always seems to throttle between 58*C and 63*C.
  3. Let us know if you get the FPS drops as well.
  4. They're still there, but i'm still unsure what the problem is. It's definitely not heat, so possibly power consumption??? The drops vary by game. I get them in War Thunder and Kerbal Space Program, but not in Fallout NV. When it does drop, it drops to around 15fps in both. So, does anyone know if Xonar's unlocked G-series bios allows for control of the GPU power consumption?
  5. As long as it's a 1761 with a sandybridge processor (the i7-2000's) it should work.
  6. Yeah, I bought this one New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770M 3GB DDR5 MXM 3 0 Type B for Clevo Alienware MSI | eBay The shipping was crazy fast. I ordered it one day and by the next day it was already in the US. Took about a week from that point, but that's all on USPS.
  7. Yep, that's the same one I bought, it is clevo. It may be dead on arrival.
  8. Do you see the BIOS screen before it goes black? if so, it's because you didn't buy the right 770m. As of now the Clevo 770m is the only version confirmed to work in the 1761. Dell does not.
  9. Also, I just noticed that the card never gets higher than 59*C and throttles around that point. Hmmm....
  10. Isn't throttlestop for CPUs? I have no idea how to use the thing, turning it on doesn't seem to do anything.
  11. Okay, I found the right .inf files and played a bit of War Thunder. I do see the frame drops you noticed, although they are not as bad the GTX 675m. I'll look into it.
  12. WOOO! it's finally here and it posted just fine (again, the clevo version). Does anyone have the .inf files? the links in this post only include one of the files when I download it (The ListDevices.txt).
  13. The card hasn't arrived yet. USPS estimated that it would be delivered today, guess they lied. Its last known location was in New Jersey as of earlier this morning and they haven't updated it since. I live in Florida haha.
  14. I had the same exact issue when installed a GTX 675m into my 1761 (Same processor as you). Sadly, I think the problem relates to the power consumption of the card. I know the internet says that the 770m has a power consumption of 75W (same as the 570m), but I don't think that is the exact power consumption and that there might be a small difference between cards. That's just my guess. Try lowering your screen brightness, unplugging unnecessary cords, etc. . In my case, turning down the fan reduced the drops in FPS. The drops were still there, but less frequent which led me to believe that reducing the fan's power consumption allowed more to be allotted to the card. So the question is: Is there any way to increase the core voltage or edit the power flow even though the Aptio bios is kinda crap? Maybe the unlocked bios allows for that...I don't know. Also, my Clevo 770m arrives tomorrow, so we'll see if the same thing happens to me.
  15. It seems like the majority of all the cards out there are Dell (or at least on eBay). Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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