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  1. For Air Cooling the best Thermal Paste is the Gelid GC Extreme. There was a test from a german site who tested many different Pastes and for Aircooling the Winner was the Gelid.
  2. I reach higher Clocks with lower Voltage. The stock Voltage is 0.87V and i reach up to 730 MHz and with the Overvolted Bios (0.92V) it start to artifact at 730 MHz.
  3. @Prema I have a problem with the 0.92V vbios It start to Artifact with 740 MHz and the Nvidia Driver is always resetting. What can i do?
  4. Maybe the Core-Voltage is too low or something went wrong with flashing. Try to Re-flash both Cards with the same vbios again.
  5. Clean the Heatsinks and GPUs completely from the old Thermal Compound and use a High End Thermal Compound like the Gelid GC Extreme or Arctic MX4. Also use new Thermal Pads.
  6. Fan Speed and Power Limit is not available in Laptops.
  7. I have the GTX 675M which is a renamed 580M. I have overclocked the GPU from 620 MHz to 730 MHz and the Memory from 1500 MHz to 1800 MHz. I'm using the Stock Voltage (max 0.87V) and no Artifacts and it runs Stable. Maximum Temperatures with MSI Kombustor are 75°C, and i think they are OK. Increasing Voltage is a Way to get higher Clocks but there is the risk that the Card is dying. For increasing it you need a modified vbios. It can be found in many threads here. I hoped i helped you
  8. Completely Clean the Heatsink using special cleaners and use a High-End Thermal Compound like the Gelid GC Extreme, it's hard to put it on but it's worth it. My GTX 675M (100W TDP) is running at 75°C with Overclocking from 620 MHz to 730 MHz. You should also Change the Thermal Pads from the VRAM.
  9. Try to look with Nvidia Inspector what Power-State (P-State) it has while Gaming. If it's not P0 try another vbios or force Maximum Power with the Nvidia Drivers Menu.
  10. It's no good idea, better change to a GTX Card because the Driver support for Games are horrible for the Quadro Cards. But the 7970M is a pretty strong card, why do you want to change it for a weaker card?
  11. Hey Aikei Is it possible that you could make such a Guide for Nvidia Cards? That would be nice.
  12. I think Aikei is right. The Power Supply can be broken or it may not provide enough power. I would try another Power Supply. And if it does't work with another Supply, the Mainboard itself could have recieved damage. And the guarantee gets lost if you change the thermal compound because you could damage the GPU. :/
  13. @Prema Thank you very much Prema Your Work is awesome
  14. halo19fan89

    GTX 675M vbios

    Hy everone! Is there a unlocked vbios for the GTX 675M for under-, overvolting? Or is there a Programm for Nvidia vbios Editing? I Have only found One for AMD Chips and the newer Kepler Chips but none for Fermi. I`m using a Clevo P150EM if that is important. Thanks halo19fan89
  15. Hy Prema Could you tell me where you bought your GTX 780m? That would be nice And how is your progress to bring the 780m on the P150EM?
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