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  1. I found a way to modify the rom Can anyone tell me what is the safest spot of the over clocking?
  2. Hi I have 970M 3GB version and I am looking for unlocked BIOS I tried flashing N16E-GT_3GB_84. version that i found on this forum, however nothing changed after flash Can someone help? I attached the screen-shot that shows that nothing changed after flashing Thanks in advance!!!
  3. Hi

    can you share your unlock vbios for 970m 3GB?

  4. Why you need to overclock it ? It is already powerfull video card and Yes it is possible to install 2 of them
  5. Tried it.. Fan Speed option, Core Voltage and Power Limit settings not available, i guess its not suported in my laptop The program is useless, in Nvidia Settings i can change same settings as program offers
  6. I heard about MSI Afterburner, but i thought its only for Desktop Video Cards
  7. I have Alienware M18x R1 with SLI 2GBx2 GTX 580M Video Cards Anyone had it overclocked? Need some tips and advices how to do it and if its worth it or no Thanks!
  8. i need usb port to work, i dont have sata usb charger
  9. Hello When i bought my m18x i read that i can charge any USB devices while PC is off I tried all the USB's and it wont work and yes i did check settinigs in BIOS, still nothing any help?
  10. Try Call of Juarez STALKER , try Crysis 3
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