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  1. I recently acquired a Dell K5000m for my M6700 and am loving it. Previously, I had a K3000M and had svl7's custom firmware. It boosted the performance significantly - but I am not having the same luck with svl7's K5000m BIOS on the new card. Is there an updated Dell K5000M BIOS available? My BIOS version on this card is (stock) 80.04.5A.00.05 and the svl7 version available is I am getting approximately 20% reduced performance when I put the modded bios on my card. Any chance this is a newer firmware revision? Dell K5000M - 80.04.5A.00.05.zip
  2. It doesn't seem that the voltages are unlocked on the K3000M card either. Should I be left to assume that this is a system board restriction?' Also, there is some incentive in getting me a dell K3000M unlocked vbios for my current revision.
  3. Correct. This has only started since flashing the vBIOS on my K3000M. Subsequently, I have flashed it back to the stock backup I took and operation has returned to normal.
  4. I recently flashed my (new, less than four weeks old) Dell M6700 with the K3000M vBIOS listed and am having some new challenges with the laptop. Intermittently, the video on the laptop shuts off completely, but not before wigging out on screen for less than a second. I see colors and a few bars and lots of pixelation. This inst (I'm fairly certain) a heat issue, as the M6700 laptop has the dual fan design and is sitting on top of a cooling pad. Ambient GPU temp is somewhere around 23C when this happens. Routinely when rendering in AfterEffects it will hit 61C, but that is not high compared to my desktop OR E6420 with it's NVS4200M. Svl7, is there specific information you may need to know about in order to assist? Here are my system specifications: Windows 7x64 Core i7-3740QM 32GB DDR3-1333 RAM nVidia K3000M GPU Optimus disabled [EDIT] I have attached my original vBIOS in case you want to take a look at it. It looks newer than the one on the list currently. Dell_M6700_nVidia_K3000M.zip [EDIT] Fixed wording.
  5. That's curious. I usually call them 'seacrate' because that's about all their consumer line is good for. Last time I built a small enclosure like the one I referenced, I put one of the 1TB 2.5in enterprise drives in it. Fast and reliable. Also, it generally depends on what line of WD's you are talking about. If you are replacing WD blues or greens on a regular basis (define regular basis in relation to client base) then I might understand. Start talking enterprise or near-line drives, I'd have a harder time believing that. Then again, I don't know what you customer base is, so MTBF to replacement is different depending on your client pool. 100 clients (with 25+ computers) or more per month? I could see that. Maybe. 1000 clients with 500 computers+? Completely feasible. *shrugs* Just depends.
  6. I have multiple Dell laptops and quite an array of compatible PA-model adapters to use with them ranging from 65W to 240W. (65W, 90W, 130W, 150W, 180W, 210W, and 240W) With this I was able to test the total draw from my E6420 (i7-2620QM and nVidia NVS4200) while overclocked, charging, and being benchmarked. I was drawing close to 150W, but only had my APC power conditioner at the time that was showing me my total usage; I wish I had a Kill-w-Watt. It jumped roughly 110W when I plugged it in and started the benchmark. I have not tested with my M6700 yet, but I know for a fact that if you have a larger power supply and your battery supports rapid charge, it will charge faster. As for increased performance, I am unsure and nothing was recorded at the time. I'll see what I can do tomorrow about getting some more accurate data comparing the use of my standard 90W power supply vs my 240W.
  7. Before my wife and I got married, when I would go over to her apartment I would see two SSID's that really stood out... Legend. Dairy. 5GHz and 2.4GHz, respectively. Though I do have fun on rainy days at the airport using a small webserver and a captcha portal. Bwwhahahaha....
  8. Just watched Wolverine this weekend. Overall, a good and entertaining movie with plenty to build on. However, I am never too fond of a movie when the hero of an action flick spends more than 75% of it in introspection... *ahem* Iron Man 3..
  9. I absolutely love this. By far one of the better songs on this album. Final Fantasy VII Piano Collection - Cosmo Canyon
  10. Plenty of experience. But, save some money and 'build' your own with an OEM drive and a Patriot Gauntlet with USB 3 support. The case supports any 2.5in HDD with some headroom to spare for an extended height drive with more capacity. The WD 2TB 2.5in HDD is currently under $180 and is a GREAT way to give you 2TB of external portable storage. Personally, I have the WD 1TB VelociRaptor (10K RPM) HDD in one of those enclosures and it's perfect. Over USB3 it's VERY fast and can easily be hot-plugged to other systems while not using windows disk caching. Lot's of options out there.
  11. Amgdust


    When they were on sale, I picked up two Asus VX238 23in LED screens and have been nothing but impressed with their performance and look compared to identically sized IPS screens. In terms of color, they nearly match the screen on my 17in Dell M6700 IPS built into my laptop. Very bright, but does not have washed out colors. Sharp, but not jagged or unstable. Ultra light. 2x HDMI (I use a DP to HDMI for the first screen and a DVI to HDMI for the second screen.) 1x VGA 1x Audio (Has two built in speakers with so-so performance.) For the cost, I can not say a bad thing about these screens.
  12. I was very excited to receive my Dell M6700 and was promptly surprised by how large it was compared to other 17in laptops I had had from dell previously. Unfortunately, a hard case would have made the laptop far too bulky to carry in my briefcase, so I opted for a "Cosmos Black Neoprene/Cotton 17.3in" case from amazon that added a little cushion but not much extra weight. Had I had a larger space to carry it, I'd have opted for a hard case. Never hurts to be prepared.
  13. Understanding that the OP wanted to perform 'light gaming' on his Mac Book Pro running windows, I would almost be willing to reccommend using Parallels for Mac to run WIndows 8 inside of a virtual machine. Assuming you have sufficient system resources, this is a viable method for 'light gaming' while maintaining the ability to fully use the applications you need inside of the Mac OS.
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