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  1. Now let's say someone is trying to OC their Y500 running the 750m in SLI on Windows 8.1. Where could I find the guide on how to do this? I was checking through that whitelist thread but the latest version for vBios is 2.04, which I've seen on that thread since early December if I recall correctly.
  2. Could someone lend a little help? I've flashed the modded 2.04 bios on my y500, and now I'm trying to flash the overclock file for the SLI 750m. I have the appropriate rom on the root of my flash drive (named 750.rom), however when I run the "nvflash -i1 -6 750.rom" it shows a few lines of text and then ends with an Error message: "A newer version of NVflash is required." Has anyone else experienced this message before? If so, how could I get around it? Thanks. Also, are there any settings worth modifying in the unlocked BIOS?
  3. So what's the deal with this throttlestop thing? I don't think any intel processors would throttle their frequencies when something intensive like 3Dmark is running, so why is this program necessary? Also, is the 2.04 BIOS update for the 750m available for download from the front page, or do I have to look through the forum? Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking to buy an external drive, and the Western Digital My Passport 2TB drive has caught my attention. First of all, the storage capacity is quite appealing, especially since the price of the drive is around $100 CAD. Next, it's running a USB 3.0 connection, so I'm expecting real-world speeds that are super fast. However, although my laptop supports usb3, I've never used one of these drives. Could anyone who has experience with these things tell me what speeds I can expect to transfer video files with, and if these portable drives are good for anything? Thanks.
  5. Usually you can disassemble these portable drives by sticking a knife in the crevices that surround the perimeter. There are no screws, because the system they use to hold the casing together relies on little plastic feet. Prying it apart is probably your only option. Be careful though - you wouldn't want to sever any important connections.
  6. Hey guys I'm just wondering why there's so much hate for the stock WiFi card that comes with the Y500? It's working great for me. Except the Bluetooth adapter isn't really compatible with a lot of my Bluetooth applications :/ Other than that, I have the Y500 with dual 750m graphics cards. Will I be able to overclock the cards without overvolting?
  7. It might not do much - but try using the non USB-3 port on the right side of the computer. I've had numerous problems with USB devices until I realized that whatever usb3 chipset they're using on the Y500 was causing driver problems and such.
  8. Could I just ask - what is the appeal in purchasing a better processor after buying the laptop? Isn't it more expensive and much more of a hassle to upgrade the processor yourself than to just have it installed at the factory?
  9. Does anybody here have experience with those rubber keyboard covers? How are they? It seems to me as though they'd sort of diminish the typing feel and experience..
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