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  1. Thanks. I couldnt remember it. I normally just turn it all off except for FXAA since anything other then that lags bad. The GTX 660m has a small bus width so its best to not even have it on.
  2. I put in a 1080p screen on my laptop so I really have to bump the thing down. I do just fine with Medium Settings 1080p (Fullscreen) with around 30-35 FPS. It really depends on maps and such. Usually, I do pretty good. Crisis 3, its been a while so I really dont remember. Though at 768p, you can max everything except for Anti-Aliasing (or whatever that setting that renders the game at a larger resolution then shrinks it down to the played resolution).
  3. I agree completely. It really would be nice to have the unlocked BIOS and modded vBIOS, so I can OC this bad boy.
  4. Hello svl7, Have you done a modded vBIOS for the ASUS G46VW (US Best Buy Version)? Also, does the version of the BIOS effect the vBIOS in anyway, as I have BIOS v210 right now? Thanks Mate
  5. While that may be true, I kind of disagree. I have a really high Gamut and Viewing angle screen on my G46VW and its glare. That sucker looks freaking amazing. The colors definately pop and I truely think its more based on the quality of the display and the anti-glare layer then anything. However, on average, you are right. Colors are dull, usually, on matte. It was like so on my old screen. I really cant go back lol
  6. It's not really much of a donation. You're paying him for a service, whether its good or not, and not out of free will. So, its more just a payment for an item instead of a donation.
  7. Yo! Greetings for the US (Texas). My main system is my laptop in which is the ASUS G46VW. I hope to learn how to mod this, either via BIOS/vBIOS or hardware wise. Once I get 5 posts then the fun will begin
  8. I'm still debating on getting the Killer 1202 2x2 (Or which ever is the newest one that you can get that has 2x2) vs Intel 7260-AC. Both get really good reviews and such. That and the Intel is cheaper then the Killer, or so I have seen anyways. If you have the ability to test them, I would would to see the comparison between the two.
  9. I changed out my G46VW 768p screen for a 1080p. Both were matte. As much as the "pop" from the glossy screen is something to look at, I saw the gamut and such is nice and high on my upgrade so I'm happy. The colors are nice and rich and really, really nice overall. Since I do use my gaming laptop for school as well, matte becomes my perfect option because of the non-glare. Though my phone is shiny glass so you can take as you will. While, sure the non-glare does make some things look "hazy" or make it where you can see pixels or whatever you want to say about it, the screen looks nice and really when you're playing games, you don't notice it. Besides, get a high resolution panel and its not much of a worry. Now, if you had like a 768p screen with anti-glare....well, then thats a different story. Its more personal preference but I really do enjoy my matte and its now where all my screens are matte except for my phone and PS Vita.
  10. ASUS G46VW (GTX 660m) STOCK vBIOS Forced Stable (The clock speeds will always be at the speed no matter what.....well, until I reset them): GPU Clock: 1120 Mhz Memory Clock: 3125 Mhz Gaming Temps (Battlefield 4, Thief, Crysis 3, ect): Load/Active: 70-72 Celcius
  11. I never did OC my CPU but I have for my GPU. There are two ways of doing it, one is where you use NVIDIA Inspector and add some extra lines in the target for the settings you make for it (basically the .bat or whatever file that is used to toggle into OC or whatever you want). The limitation is that you can only go so far before the computer crashes because of the limitation of the vBIOS. The vBIOS is a BIOS (as it sounds) dedicated for your GPU model, GTX 660m. There are a few forum posts here that actually have the unlocked/modded vBIOS so you can hit higher core clocks then without it. So in junction, it depends how far you want to OC that card. As for the CPU, you might need someone better with that stuff as I have never done that before.
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