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  1. To tell you the truth, I don't now quite yet... I ordered an intel 6205 and I'm waiting for it to arrive in the mail. Also, I only have a single-band router, so I'm not sure I'll actually see any speed increase. I think it really depends on your connection settings, but the 5GHz band may in fact increase the speed... we'll see.
  2. Should be relatively straightforward: just remove the bottom panel like all laptops. You will need to install an unlocked BIOS with a white-list.
  3. Out of curiosity, is it possible to insert the ultra bay into a Y580? Is there some tweaks that could be done perhaps, or can the 660m not even support SLI/laptop incapability? (Even though I remember reading that it can)
  4. I was just wondering: is it true that the unlocked bios has absolutely no impact on fan speed even though it has the options? Is there any possible way to control the fan manually?
  5. I have the Samsung 840 Series Non-Pro (500 GB) and I'm getting about 13 seconds boot-up time on W8. Using the built in Samsung program for testing speeds, it seems my write speeds hover around the advertised, while my read speeds are slightly low. Personally, I find that the start-up times for games, music changing speed, and generally the system speed are much more eye-catching as I generally walk-away when I restart... lame I know.
  6. Personally have been quite a fan with the speed improvements, but still prefer W7 for development because of the familiar interface and the large current knowledge base.
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