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  1. Is it possible to turn off Hyperthreading in modded bios?
  2. Secure boot option disappears if you turn on Legacy Support instead of UEFI.
  3. I bought mine Y500 2 months ago, and around two weeks ago keyboard buttons began to wear off. Has anybody this issue too? And is it a warranty case? Most of time I'm playing WoT on the notebook, so W, S and Shift buttons weared off first. Look at the attachement.
  4. Have anyone tried ordering this carbon fiber vinyl? It looks preety nice and probably will solve the problem with fingerprints on the metal surfaces of y500. Original KH Special Laptop Carbon Skin Cover for Lenovo Y500 Series | eBay
  5. BTW, is it possible to hide not working options in the modded bios, to make usage of it completely safe?
  6. Are there any significant changes in 2.04 bios?
  7. Is it possible to flash 650m with 750m vbios? As far as I know tthey both use the same GK107 chip and GDDR5 memory.
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