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  1. Funny thing is - if you remove the battery, clocks will not throttle down. PSU doesn't fell hotter than usual, gaming is smooth, freq is stable. I thought that it drains battery because 120W of power brick are not enough... I'll do some more testing at 1.500V and will post my findings, seems like Lenovo messed up their PSU real hard... EDIT: It does throttle down after awhile. Why?.. Why is it even running on full freq for some time wout battery?..
  2. You installed modded v8 bios onto 2.07 machine, rebooted (so it updated nvars and stuff), and then flashed 2.07 again? Well, i think you bricked your laptor. Try Fn+R, it might work. If it won't - go to service center and reflash bios. - - - Updated - - - Yes, you did everything right.
  3. Imgur is down, so i'm uploading everything to Google Plus, will upload to imgur once it's up. Unfortunately, had little time to spare, so some photos (2 or 3) are blurred, but readable. All submenus have been photographed. If i forgot some, or you want me to photo some parameters/tooltips, please ask me via PM. https://plus.google.com/photos/105217396030396614926/albums/5905692458198249041 Update: Imgur link: http://yadr.imgur.com/
  4. svl7, should i provide you with all advanced BIOS settings photos? I've just installed yours 8.01 mod, and it's working great!
  5. Probably because UEFI doesn't even see win8 usb stick as a bootable device. Had the same problem - had to revert to Legacy to install Windows. The stick definitely had an EFI loader on it, so it's very strange.
  6. I disagree with above posts. WIn 8 is a great OS. Albeit design of win8 is a subjective thing, it's technical improvements are objective things. It boots faster, works faster, supports more hardware, default apps have also been improved: built-in pdf reader, some nice little things like weather and news apps, win+printScreen, native files & settings synchronisation with Microsoft's cloud... For me, these things are a lot more important than design. And you can always install "Start is back", or some other start replacement plus some "boot-to-desktop" utility, if you can't stand tiles.
  7. I bought Crucial m4 256gn mSata ssd, and it's working great in conjuction with original 1Tb hdd. The only thing is, for some reason UEFI does not allow booting from ssd, and reverting UEFI mode to "Legacy support" increases boot time by 4 seconds. For now, i've added second windows installation into hdd's bootloader, but i want to be able to boot each system indepentently. How can i do this?
  8. "Lenovo dynamic graphics mode" overclocks 660m clock to 950 mHz. It seems that "Power Saver" energy plan downclocks the gpu to 135/405 (p2) state. And Lenovo's energy management software is kind of buggy - i too had my clocks stuck after i deinstalled it.
  9. Will this mod reduce bios load time? Task manager shows it to be 5.6 seconds. Used to be 1.2, before i disabled secure boot.
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