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  1. Ok so i believe there are ppl who have talked about this matter, so it would be great if u can help me answer my question , so this is my first time doing a fresh windows install for msata ssd, and im planning to install my laptop with win8 to my crucial m4 msata, i have been looking for the guide in the internet and i found the guide for this install. I just need a clarification if im doing it in a correct order , So here is what ill probably do 1) Remove the chassis 2) take out my 16 gb msata ssd and replace it with crucial m4 256 gb 3) put the chassis back and turn on the laptop and press f2 for bios 4) Turn UEFI off and turn Legacy support on (SSD support). Q1)ok im not really sure where the uefi and legacy are in bios? where can i find it? ) 5) set the boot sequence to ssd first 7)Connect an USB/DVD player of your choice to the laptop with a copy of Windows 8 on it/in it. 8) reboot, Install Windows 8 on the SSD. You don't need a key or anything. The key is already in the laptop. 9. Check your TRIM settings to optimize the SSD performance. ( Q2.can someone tell me what TRIM is and where to find them?) 10. Uncheck defrag and indexing. (If this is the right term in English). 12. Format the HDD, remove the stupid Lenovo partitions, and make some partitions of your choice. I went with 800gb - 200gb. 800gb for all my media, videos and downloads. 200gb for programs which I don't want to install on the SSD. So here it is what i will do and One more thing that im not really sure, when i did my fresh win7 installation, i always set the boot order to dvd first , so would that be okay if i set my boot from the ssd first? would the win8 be automatically installed ?
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