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  1. Hi, I try to OC my CPU with XTU but i have read on internet : 3610qm cqnnot be OC, it s right ? And for my GPU i have OC 975 / 1520, after it s not stable, 7400point on 3Dmark11 Can you give me some advice about CPU OC. Thx Geo
  2. Hi, I think 32Gb of ram is useless, 8gb is enough. Your SSD is not the best, i have read lot of SSD test, the best one is the samsung 840 pro 256 gb. Hope help you to choose your configuration
  3. I had the same problems before and i have change the thermal paw by Silver 5 and now i have 75- 80 C in game.
  4. If i have vBios 1.00.05 can i update to this version ? I must flash EC or Bios in first? Thx for your work!
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