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  1. I would recommend the m14x. Its a great laptop for its form factor. It may look huge but its sharp design help take away from its slightly large foot print. It also has some good performance for a 14 in laptop. I can play most games on medium settings which is more than enough for something that doesnt weigh 12 lbs and needs a special bag. A few gripes though. If you plan on going SSD be prepared for not SATA 3 speeds unless you plan on working for it. Also the power port is poorly placed. If you are not careful and dont give the power cord slack while charging it WILL spilt it at the plug (happened to me). It worked for a bit but eventually the computer stopped recognizing the power cord as a genuine one. If you ignore the message the computer is painfully slow, but if you take head you cant use your computer! Found a replacement for $12 on amazon so no biggy. In all, its an awesome laptop with a good form factor. Its not super slim like the blade or macbook pro but it does look nice with its flash lights and alien head =). If youre worried about sata 3 speeds maybe opt for r2 because I believed they fixed the bios.
  2. Im soo glad its over! Granted its an awesome sale but I would make myself poor! I picked up Borderlands 2, Arkham City, Payday: The Heist, Awesomenauts, Scribblenaut unlimited, and alot of Borderlands DLC. I wish There was more than 50% off of Bioshock Infinite cause I would have picked that up too.
  3. Hello I'm new! I am a proud of an Alienware m14x r1. I cannot complain about this computer it has been great! I do have one negative to say about it. The placement of the charge port did not allow for enough flexibility of the ac adapter. If you are not mindful of where you place the cord it will split at the end and you will have to replace it because the computer will think the ac adapter is not genuine. I also have a custom build rig. Its a super money pit but it sure is fun to have!
  4. I have seen Despicable Me 2: great, Jack Reacher : suprisingly entertaining, Spring Breakers: dumb, awkward, and weird, and Movie 43: Absurd yet hilarious
  5. Im currently listening to We've got the funk coming from someones cubicle at work!
  6. LOL Ive seen better boxing processes for potato chips in the Frito Lay factory. Oh well I love my alienware =D
  7. I have an alienware and I can say that I would go with no other laptop manufacturer. And since you have them spec'd the same, it comes down to design and Id say that alienware has a superior design
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