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  1. Reason I started the thread. Is because I have a alienwaee r3 with a 6970m and a 2820. I really like the alienware design. I picked up a origin pro model for a great price. And it has a 680m and a 3830. Do you think its worth it and possible to swap the GPU and could from the two so u can keep the alienware and sell the origin. And will I lose any features.
  2. I have the origin. I am going to try and trade it for alienware. same specs just the gpu in the alienware is a 7970m vs in my origin a 680m
  3. thank you for the reply. Thats what i was thinking. i remember before i flashed the bios on battery the card wouldnt pass 135mhz. Another questions. The card ramps up a lot in just windows alone while doing nothing at all. just have nvinspector open to see whats its doing and it will sit at 758 for like 10 secs then lower threw a few different steps. till it settles down at 135mhz. it will sit there about 5 seconds then ramp back up again. Shouldnt when i am in windows the intel card be used? You guys are really helpful and i thank you for helping me to get this laptop in tip top shape.
  4. Been messing with my origin laptop tonight. I did the aluminum tape mod to the gpu heatsink. and my temps dropped about 5c with the 680m running on svl7 stock oc bios clevo 758/1800. volts .9870 still think my temps are high though. 77c before the tape mod. 72c after. while playing tomb raider. I am also having another issue. if I play the game on battery. the laptop will just shut off in under 5 mins. runs fine when plugged in. any thoughts?
  5. Which would be the better system if both are the same specs but the Alienware running 7970m. Origin running 680m. What are your thoughts.
  6. Also when i open gpuz or aterburner the gpu sits at 758 core and 1250 mem at .9870 volts. This is when I am idle. System isn't down clocking the card which is making my battery die quicker. And raising my idle temps. my overclock is at 250+ on core and 700+ on mem. and while the overclock is stable as in no crashes. with these settings the i hit the 90c throttle temp pretty quickly. with no over clock bf3 the gpu sits at about 85c. i repasted the heat sink with as5 and no change in temps. I also thought the bios had no throttling? but oh well what do you guys think?
  7. SVL7 i want to thank you for your hard work!!! I flashed the 'OCedition' revised_01 for my p170em. have a couple questions. My temp at idle on ac power is 44c this seems high. what do you think?
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