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  1. Thanks PPL,s. Yeah i know Brother Fox has it but i have bothered him enough recently LOL Yeah svI7 would appreciate it. I just want it incase i have to send it back or have Dell look at here, i have a few things i want them to sort out and things i have found with this mess of a product! LOL EDIT: Its all good found it. Thanks Guys!
  2. Sorry, but could someone give me the default Stock standard DELL GTX 780M vbios please?? I backed it up but have lost it somehow..
  3. Yes that is correct. it was one of the first ones released.. Sold it now anyways.
  4. WOW nice @Birdalicious Nobody ever does anything about things like this and that is why Big companies and corporations think that they can get away with anything these days. I am impressed with what you did and you are 100% in the right to do so after paying a premium amount for something that has not delivered on what it should and what is advertised. I would do something similar but i am kinda semi happy with the machine right now as far as what i use it for and games etc.. Plus i got it at a good price But the truth is it still falls well below what it should be able to do and what is advertised to us enthusiasts which is the sad truth. Well done there bird and cred to you.
  5. Sweet thanks Brother Fox. Gonna update now!! Fans still NOT sorted, far out what is wrong them ppl.. Edit: Wow, CPU acts heaps better now as well. Turbo boost actually ramps up fully and it ramps up hard to where you lock / set it manually. Before it was kinda like it was running out of juice.. :S Now all we have to do is get that stupid secure flash done away and get this mess of a mistake fan situation sorted.. in this case that is a lot to ask. lol
  6. Ahh ok cool thanks for that. That's fine im gonna do my own wiring anyways..
  7. @Mr. Fox Are the fans in the m18x R2 the same as the ones used in the new AW 18?? Thanks,
  8. Holy @#$% Very Nice GPU score there SvI7. Crazy!! Looks like the prime cherry picked 880 chips can go further than 780.. I ended up getting 780M,s coz i don't wanna wait for 880M,s and the bugs to be resolved ect.. lol
  9. Its fine unless your really volting and benching super high clocks on both components, you still have a little room to play without going crazy.. I will Test to see what the machine draws from the wall in stock form and then light OC as well, for my own info as well.
  10. Thanks for that Info as well Astelith You saved me $430 each card// Yeah from the tests i have seen recently they are the same in performance clock for clock (when core clocks are same) And have also seen that the 780M has no problems reaching the same clock speeds if not more so Meh.. I thought that the 880M was something better and new at the start but now that i know its the same damn chip an pretty much the same card and obviously just a glorified top binned GPU anyhow. Sooooooo i guess there is absolutely NO reason to pay more then $400 more for it.. Yeah i didn't know what omega939 was on about there when he was comparing 680/780 SLI with single 880.. I then thought maybe he meant price wise but the SLI will still cost slightly more than the single 880. Hahaha Anyways, i ended up buying two 780M,s locally to run in SLI so no 880M,s like i thought i was going to run. I don't mind paying lots but to pay $430 more for the same thing with a dumb memory increase and it won't make an ounce difference now that im over hardcore benching which is why i didn't buy the new P570WM which is king in that department, my AW is much nicer and will destroy all the games im going to enjoy!
  11. There is good reason for it actually. I am selling my P570WM which cannot take any newer cards than 680M,s and i need new cards for my M18x as the GTX 675M,s are not doing the job for me sorry to say.. lol
  12. Well yeah i can justify $790AUD for a 780M but $1260USD is a bit ridiculous really which is what the 880M will cost and for what really?
  13. Pretty sure it is. With the addition of the ridiculous memory increase.. lol BTW, don't worry about the Question i asked ppl, i found out you can use the Clevo card in the AW.. I may just buy the 780M,s and save myself about $400 each card.. Cheers!
  14. Damn @Astelith That is impressive at those volts.. Yeah so 780M and 880M at the same clock speed produce the same score ?? Mmm, Kinda makes sense as its just a 780M with higher default clock. The 8gb memory is just stupid overkill IMO anyways. Probably not even worth paying that much extra over a 780M to get the 880M.. I was thinking about this today actually as i haven't purchased the 880M,s yet.. You have started me thinking again Sorry to get off topic a little but would the Clevo 780M work in the Alienware? If yours is Blue PCB i think its Clevo yes??
  15. @Tomaszz1975 If you have a Clevo its easy, you can just buy the Clevo AC-100 Power Converter Box from. http://stores.ebay.com.au/Razors-Edge-by-Eurocom-Notebooks?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Send him a msg. For Alienware its not that easy and you need to make Mr. Fox,s modded unit because AW uses "SENSE" circuitry..
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