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  1. My SLI had stopped working after I installed the mod. Although I had no OC plans I actually ended up installing the modified vbios as well which didn't help. Anyway all I had to do was go to NVIDIA Control Panel > Set SLI & Physics Configuration > Disable SLI and then set it back to Maximize 3D Performance. Just putting it out there incase someone else gets the same problem.
  2. I have been reading a lot of questions regarding how to over-volt. However with this mod would it be possible to under-volt the 750m? The main reason is I don't have an AC, it hot these days and would prefer a much lower idle temperature than 50C! I think the cards are more than enough to run the games I play even at a lower clock rate.
  3. With my very limited skill in programming I was able to find that EnergyManagement.dll has a class that states the following: I wasn't able to fully open either dll. My attempts at trying to figure out what the dll being imported contains have resulted in a lot of random symbols. It's interesting though that it is a boolean and not a variable, meaning it has an option of being at HighSpeed or not. I wasn't able to figure out what that dll does with speedFlg later on....anyway if Lenovo can just use a software to change the fan speed to high I don't see why we wouldn't be able to with enough tinkering.
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    Don't know if they still sell it but I have been using the Razer Lachesis since 2006. It took a (painful) while to get used to the mouse as I was used to a full grip instead of claw grip required to use it. But once I did it has had amazing accuracy and is pretty light. Don't really see myself buying anything else as long as it keeps working haha. I have never really tried using the non-ambidextrous mice though.
  5. Without any changes to the antennae I doubt very much that the range would be any more than stock. However I am looking forward to getting the wifi card from my previous (and dead) laptop so I can use the 5GHz channel.
  6. As far as performance goes Windows 8 is great. Functionality wise I hate it. 1. Metro UI. I never want to actually use it. It works for a limited number of apps and then becomes unusable. I have just made a folder with all my shortcuts on desktop and use Window Key + X for system stuff. 2. The fact that you cant run games in windowed mode otherwise the side bars will show up when you go to the corners. 3. Power option are a pain to get to. Took me a while to find the first time and I still find it tedious to get it. Looking forward to the Windows Blue upgrade.
  7. I think most games have a toxic community these days. They are present in General chat for MMOs and obvious in FPSes. The problem with LoL is that you are pretty much forced to play with 3-4 unknown players who have to be somewhat decent for a chance to win, so it is bound to happen. Also DOTA was much easier to carry if you did well!
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