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  1. Anyone tried the 802.11ac/a/b/g/n wifi cards on Y500? I am about to pull the trigger on Intel 7260 wifi card HMC (PROVANTAGE: Intel 7260.HMWG Dual Band Wireless AC 7260 2X2 AC+BT HMC) It is the correct model and it can replace the stock 2230- card and it has BT 4.0 too. The only problem might be the antenna, will it be able to tackle the 5Ghz channels? Or will i have to buy new antennae too?
  2. 1. Can we flash the original BIOS whenever we feel like and yes it is obvious that it will stop the non-whitelisted card to work 2. Can we flash the BIOS and just get the whitelist removed with no extra options in the BIOS which can kill the laptop if treated improperly? Thanks
  3. I am from India too, just use the charging port in the trains, even the non-ac sleeper class compartments have them. Using the laptop to play games on battery will be very harsh on the battery if you game on regularly and so it is advised that you should be plugged in. Try tinkering with the settings to get playable performance if you are that interested in playing in Indian trains, which to be honest are not the safest places to take out a 65k inr laptop!
  4. tagtag

    Y510P Bios

    I doubt the y500 and y400 would be compatible or could be made compatible because of the changes in the following: 1. Onboard GPU can be used now. 2. I7 4th gen processor. PS: Its better to ask lenovo to release unlocked BIOS for y500/y400 as it will only help customers and it isnt even a tough job by any means.
  5. Can you check if the fan is working properly or not on the ultrabay GPU. Do this: 1. Remove the ultrabay gpu, run 3dmark and note the temps 2. Insert the GPU, run 3dmark with sli enabled and note the temps 3. Temperature gradient b/w the gpus should not be more than 3-5c if you still get the same results, chances are that the ultrabay GPU is conky!
  6. Although I have not received my y500, thanks to lenovo's swift and blissful inventory management :pun intended: Windows 8 is not that bad, you should give it 3 days minimum, mine starts hell lot quicker compared to win7 without any hardware upgrades. On the Y500, you can clean install the Windows on a higher capacity mSATA to eliminate bloatware and enjoy gaming and all that you do with your computers.
  7. Can you please send me the link to buy a caddy for my Y500 which works without hardware modding the lappy, though modding the caddy to fit is okay with me. Thankyou
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