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  1. This is to everyone who owns or has experience with Y500....My GT 650M is shown to be connected with PCI-E 2.0 8X bus interface ....is it the same for all Y500 or is it just mine.CPU Z Shows that my motherboard is capable of PCI-E 3.0 16X but using 8X bus interface Used nvidiainspector and GPU Z
  2. This might help Y500 GT650M Overclock
  3. Hi everyone , I may sound stupid but I need help in creating recovery media in recovery partition rather than usb flash drive. MY laptop came with 1TB HDD IN two partitions 884GB and 25GB. The 25GB came with lenovo drivers but unfortunately the WIN 8 os which came with the machine was installed in 884GB partition.I want to shrink the 884 GB partition to 75GB and make 2 new partitions. I know how to partition HDD but I want to make recovery media(for one key recovery) before partitioning just in case something gets wrong since I am going to shrink the os partition. Now the problem is that I dont have 16gb usb Flash drive which is required for recovery media app.So I would like to know is there any way to make use of Hdd Partition instead of usb flash drive. I have 3 8gb usb Flash drive IF there is a way Please help........
  4. I have tried to tweak power management from control panel but nothing has changed. can you specify any other tweaks... The drop in performance problem is not limited to games but other CPU, GPU intensive programs too.
  5. Hi guys, I have recently bought Lenovo Y500. Other than the touchpad issue the laptop performs great, but when I run games on battery power , the performance drops drastically. FIFA 13 max settings (above 60 fps to 17-22 fps) Mass Effect 3 max settings (40-60 fps to 7-8 fps) Nfs mw 2012 med settings (20-40 fps to .....) etc... I travel by train usually and long distance journey takes almost 36-48 hrs (India). Please help...
  6. Hi guys, this will be my first experience with bios flash(on a laptop) and reading this thread has given me a lot of confidence. MY BIOS ver is 1.03. My Y500 has ELAN touchpad which is faulty and i have already contacted lenevo and they have told me they are going to replace it(it will take atleast 2 weeks).So should I update my BIOS to 1.03 Mod or should I wait for the repair first?
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